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Does Bullseye return in ELEKTRA'

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a big, big bit of speculation for you folks. We got this email a few hours ago:

Harry K!

All of half an hour ago I spotted a 'shaved-headed' Colin Farrell getting into a car on Robson Street here in Vancouver.

Do I smell "Elektra" cameo? or is this already known and I've missed the bus?


There could be a lot of explanations for Colin Farrell being bald and in the same city that the DAREDEVIL spin-off movie is shooting in, right? I liked the living comic book feel to DAREDEVIL and while Bullseye wasn't exactly as he was in the comics I greatly enjoyed the way Farrell played him... the twitch in the eye, the posing... I'm not too terribly excited about an ELEKTRA film, but this is an interesting rumor nonetheless. What do you folks think?

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