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Comic-Con rumor control! Quint's got the skinny on ROTK:EE, SIN CITY, STAR WARS, SHAUN OF THE DEAD and more!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a little San Diego Comic-Con update for you lucky geeks that get to attend. Anyone who has gone in the past knows that movie studios go all out at these things bringing exclusive clips and celebrity guests. I've interviewed Asia Argento, Jonathan Mostow and Stephen Chow at the Con and seen everyone from James Cameron, Sam Raimi, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry (who better stay away since the footage from CATWOMAN has gotten out... she'd be torn apart!), all the Hobbits, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Jackman, Tarantino and Bryan Singer onstage promoting films. Early footage from SPIDER-MAN 2 was shown at last year's Con (the awesome Raimi-overload of a scene with Doc Ock's tentacles beating the hell out of those doctors). Every year there's cool movie shit going on and this year doesn't look to be an exception.


First, let's talk about the story that those good folks over at are running about a screening of the Extended Edition of RETURN OF THE KING. I got very excited at this news 'cause that meant I was seeing the Extended Cut of the film a full 6 months early! But I decided to get in touch with the good folks at Comic-Con to see what they had to say about it. And despite it being the 4th of July, I got a quick response to my query.


The full film isn't being screened, BUT there will be a New Line presentation on the Extended Cut... Most likely a half-an-hour (maybe a full hour, who knows?) of Richard Taylor or some of the great behind the sceners that show up to the Con every year presenting. Who knows, maybe they have a surprise up their sleeves and Peter himself might show up. I doubt it, but if the rumors of him shooting some KONG stuff in LA are true, it's a possibility. I mean, they got both Schwarzenegger and Mostow to take a day off of shooting T3 to swing down to San Diego to address the fans and give us our first look at T3. I'd put my money on some of the Hobbits showing up with long odds on Peter himself.

I know the headline for this article contains the phrase "Rumor Control" but I've been hearing some interesting stuff that I'd like to share with you folks. Take everything below with a little bit of salt as none of this is confirmed, but I have very reliable sources feeding me bits and pieces. So, don't take everything I say (there's lots of speculation) as the word of God, but expect there to be panels and/or presentations on all the below.


I know that there is a panel dedicated to STAR WARS this year... I've heard word that it's in a more movie-oriented time slot, unlike last year when the panel was more focused on the STAR WARS books and video games. The CLONE WARS panel with Tartakovsky was the highlight of that presentation. It was actually really sad how boring the rest of the presentation was. And not just to me, one of the fans that was burned by the prequels. There were people in costume that were walking out on this presentation. There's nothing more sad than seeing Jedis, Padawans and Stormtroopers trying to quietly exit an auditorium, cloaks swishing and plastic armor clanking together, while some dude drones on about the future of the STAR WARS books.

But this year there will be a STAR WARS presentation during a very movie-friendly time slot and with all those rumors of the Episode 3 title being announced very soon, I wouldn't be surprised of Lucas is going to use Comic-Con to announce the title. We'll see. Maybe it'll just turn into a 25 minute ad for Hyperspace like last year.


Now I don't know much about this, but I'm hearing word that there will be a presentation on the film at the Con this year. Expect Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller... No one's told me officially they'll be there, but if there is a SIN CITY panel I'd put money on them being there. Hopefully you fans will get your first looks at what Rodriguez and Miller have up their sleeves and realize how truly amazing this film will be. I'm working on confirming this right now and will let you know if I hear anything.


All I know is there will be some sort of presentation. Who will be there? What will be shown? Footage? The whole film? A new trailer? I have no idea! But my sources tell me that we're getting something!


I understand Focus Features might be presenting SHAUN OF THE DEAD at the Con this year. I say might because as of last week I've heard that they're still undecided on it. In my mind, the best thing in the world they can do is bring out Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright and show the film and hold a panel with them all beforehand. People will go apeshit over this movie, especially us ignorant Americans who mostly have no knowledge of the genius of Pegg, Frost and Wright.

That's all I got. Of course we know that Sarah Michelle Gellar will present some of THE GRUDGE. Hopefully that'll be cool as hell, but after seeing the trailer for the remake I'm a little iffy. There's also rumblings about a BATMAN BEGINS panel, but nothing solid on that one either.

Anyway, that's it from me on this one. I've got my ear to the ground on this one... I can't wait for the Con this year. I've gone 5 years running and it's one of the highlights of each year. Everything's set, but hotel has still eluded me... If any Gaslamp district hotel owners wants to help a poor writer out with a sweet RAIN MAN suite for pennies, feel free to drop me an email! hehe.

See you folks at the Con!


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