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All You Can Eat White Castle Sliders @ HAROLD & KUMAR Austin Premiere Event + More Coolness! Check it out!

Hey Folks - Harry here! Every now and again there's a film that inspires lunacy from me & Tim League from the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE. You see... HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE is a simple absurd stoner feast quest bit of hilarity. Doesn't reinvent anything, but the elements were there for an excellent Rolling Roadshow production. Get stoned, hit the road, have an excellent adventure, see the movie, meet the stars and talent behind it - and finally eat more burgers than you ever conceived humanly possible. Now... we don't recommend you get stoned before you hit the road... That would be bad... Having seen HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE, I'd go so far as to say... getting stoned before seeing this movie could result in a night involving problems and issues you couldn't possibly conceive.

You will assemble your own White Castle Hunt and Consume Team... You will compete against other crazed starving (possibly fucked up) teams on a Trans-Austin Road Adventure to find the WHITE CASTLE... Now - to give you a clue... White Castle is supplying 4,000 Burgers and their Super Grills for this Premiere... That's just about enough for me, but I'm told the Drafthouse will have possibly other food as well... Heh. That Indian guy from VAN WILDER and that Asian Guy from AMERICAN PIE and that White Guy that directed Demi's Dildo in DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR will be there! And other surprises... wonderful hilarious surprises... will be there! Sometimes there's an event I throw with Tim that's just gonna kick so much ass it ain't even funny... This is one of those. Prepare for an Incredibly Fun Time!

New Line Cinema, Ain't It Cool News, the Alamo Drafthouse, and Horseback Salad present:





tix and info at The Drafthouse

Check out the official Harold and Kumar Road Rally Site with Event Trailer and Game Details! Are you the Winner?

THIS NEWS JUST IN: WHITE CASTLE is flying in 4,000 burgers and three of their patented grills just for the occasion, so that there will be FREE ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT White Castle burgers for all in attendance at the Finish Line!


D. Danny Leiner 2004 Rated R

Two twenty-something stoner roommates go through a life changing journey, as they spend a night roaming the state of New Jersey in search of White Castle hamburgers. A ripe existentialist parable.

This movie is a road rally unto itself. So we're teaming up with New Line Cinema and Ain't It Cool News to create the mother of all road rallies, all based around Harold and Kumar's focused quest. Teams will meet at the Alamo, and after a Le Mans-style sprint to their cars, will embark upon a Harold and Kumar-themed Road Rally, filled with scavenger hunt items and driving challenges, which will eventually lead to a secret screening location where you will watch the Premiere of the movie and meet the cast and director. All teams arriving at the screening will also receive all-you-can-eat White Castle mini-burgers!

If you can't make the rally, be sure to check the film out at the Alamo Drafthouse starting July 30, where dozens of tiny, fresh hot and savory White Castle-styled burgers can be ordered right to your seat. After you watch this film, I guarantee you, nothing else will satisfy!

Please note: The Harold and Kumar Premiere Road Rally is 18 and up.


Food service will be available.

Beer/Wine will be available. No outside alcohol permitted.

YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN CHAIRS AND/OR BLANKETS.Bug spray is always a good idea too.

The rainout contingency plan is that the event will be held at Alamo Lake Creek starting at 9:00 PM. Due to the major expenses associated with this event, there are no refunds due to rain.

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