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Hi, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab...

This is just... weird.


I was at tonight's Chuck Palahniuk reading at the First Unitarian Church here in Portland, OR. During the Q & A, the author mentioned that various parties have met and are discussing the prospect of a BIG-BUDGET, BROADWAY MUSICAL BASED ON FIGHT CLUB. Palahniuk has given it his stamp of approval and David Fincher is somehow involved. He quoted a gleeful Fincher as saying, "Can you imagine people in New Jersey paying $120 to drive to the city and watch a musical about anarchy?"

I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else on the web so I thought you might be interested in this. As strange as this might sound, it's not so unusual that the movie/book/future video game would get a shot at the stage. Stephen King's Carrie enjoyed a brief run and that cats singing on rusty cars thing ran for, what, two decades?

Other highlights:

- Palahniuk read the 19th chapter from his next book, due in 2005. Parts of the book will be appearing in issues of Playboy later this year ala the short story "Guts." He asked that no one in the audience give away the plot so I'll just say that it involved a CPR dummy, two anatomically correct "Real Dolls" from the former Soviet Union, stuffed animals and several very naughty police detectives.

- On the subject of the Fight Club video game: "I don't own video games or watch tv. I don't know much about it. It's so easy to sign something and have them cut you a check."

- He bought 65 large flowers from an SE novelty shop and passed out a dozen or so to people who asked questions. Going along with theme, he also passed out stuffed animals.

- A highlight for me anyway. I had Palahniuk sign a book for my dad. I figured his travel guide, "Fugitives and Refugees" would make a "great" Father's Day gift seeing that it contains passages about protestors puking red, white and blue vomit all over the downtown Hilton in the '80s. I told him it was a gift and, being Chuck Palahniuk, he scribbled a crypitc message about prison rape. I guess I have to get ol' Dad something else now.

Anyway, I hope this stuff proves useful. I have crappy pictures of the event too.



Waitasecond... there’s a FIGHT CLUB video game?!


"Moriarty" out.

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