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Ben Grimm clobbers Hellboy and runs off with his make-up team!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here! I take the below as very good news. The make-up on HELLBOY was fantastic and while Hellboy himself was big, he never looked bulky. The Thing (aka Ben Grimm) will most definitely benefit from this treatment and not look like the orange styrofoam nightmare that appeared in Roger Corman's attempt at this comic book! That coupled with Harry's positive response to the script gives me hope for this movie, even if it is a small one!


Just came back from the International Make Up Artist Trade Show in Pasadena (June 13) where they had a large Hellboy panel speaking about the effects for the film. Check the official website for details. (Guillermo couldn't make it.) DDT from Brazil was there even!

Anyway, it was announced that the team that worked on the Hellboy special effects just signed the contract and can now say that they were selected to do "The Thing" in the new Fantastic Four movie!

Earlier in the day I sat in a small room where Dick Smith had a round table discussion about make-up, told stories about working on The Godfather, Amadeus, Little Big Man, the Exorcist, etc.

It was an excellent weekend!Have to go show my 7-year old nephew that I got "Abe Sapien's" (Doug Jones) autograph!


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