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Tim Burton's CORPSE BRIDE, IRON MAN, ELEKTRA & BATMAN BEGINS... why, it must be a Licensing Show somewhere!

Hey folks, Harry here... While everyone on the net seems to be going gaga over the Batmobile images or the teaser images for IRON MAN and ELEKTRA... frankly - both those last two are not final designs or particularly new imagery. And the Batmobile - well - we've seen it already. No - what I'm jazzed about is THE CORPSE BRIDE from Tim Burton and the Will Vinton Studio (which btw Henry Selick just came aboard to oversee the company it seems). Given that I believe my favorite film of the 90's was THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, the concept of seeing a new Tim Burton inspired stop-motion flick... well it's enough to get me giddy as hell, but then to see the corpse bride herself... WOW - I want the toy NOW! Here ya go...

Hey Harry,

I scored an invite to the Licensing 2004 trade show at the Javits Center in NYC yesterday and the event kicked off big…with the first public unveiling of the new Batmobile. I have enclosed some photos and the following was the write-up that accompanied the unveiling:

“Introduced in the upcoming film as “The Tumbler,” this Batmobile is like none of its predecessors. This Batmobile has an origin story of its own.

Designed as a military vehicle, with the ability to jump (typically 4 to 6 feet high) and equipped to drive off immediately after landing, the Tumbler was designed by the Applied Sciences division of Wayne Enterprises. It was intended to aid in building temporary bridging devices to carry troops and supplies over water and vast open space.

Due to its expense, Wayne Enterprises never mass-produced this vehicle, but upon Bruce Wayne’s discovery of the prototype, he knew immediately how he could maximize its stealth design and extraordinary applications to be a powerful weapon in Batman’s quest for justice.”

I have also attached photos of promo banners for Elektra, Iron Man, and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.


Hogarth Hughes

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