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Hi, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab...

Y’know, AICN gets accused of being completely pinko commie hyperliberal, and I can see why. Harry’s completely sincere about his politics, and like most people these days, when he has an opportunity to tie his political opinions in to his opinion on anything else, he does. Heck, I love that Grande Rojo wears his heart on his sleeve that way. What disturbs me is when conservative readers feel that they aren’t welcome here or that they hate the entire site because they disagree with one person’s politics or opinions.

Y’see, one of the things I love about this site is that Harry and I can disagree radically on a lot of things, but still co-edit a website and respect each other’s opinions. He loves Michael Moore and has already done a fairly rabid job of pimping FAHRENHEIT 911. Personally, I think the guy’s a shameless carnival barker with no interest in being a documentary filmmaker anymore. He’s a rabble rouser with an agenda and a bullhorn, and even if I think he occasionally has an interesting idea or makes a point with a certain sledgehammer wit, I also think he undermines himself and buries those good ideas under a mountain of self-congratulatory horseshit that keeps me at a distance as a viewer.

Having said that, we’re getting slammed with e-mail about the trailer for F911 being posted, so here we go...

I'm sure you've gotten this dozens of times by now, but just in case you haven't, Michael Moore’s site has the farenheit 9/11 trailer up now (along with it's shiny new release date of June 25th, if memory serves us right). Trailer is pretty good, about what you'd think it would be, but the last shot in it is a riot.

I'd also understand you not posting anything about it because the M.Moore-related talkbacks that become political roundtables from retard hell are a bit tiresome. Anywhoo, thanks for the site. Have fun.


The talkbacks are par for the course these days, blahblahface. It seems that it is impossible to have a political discussion in or about this country anymore without it turning into a name-calling screaming match where people argue at each other instead of actually listening to what one another is saying. Our party system is so broken that the only sane response I can see is to try to step outside of it. I would be embarrassed to call myself either “liberal” or “conservative” at this point with the way both words have been co-opted by screaming weenies.

I’ll go check the trailer out, though, as soon as I finish posting this morning’s stories, just out of curiosity...

"Moriarty" out.

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