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Guillermo Del Toro to direct HELLBOY

Today's Hollywood Reporter reports today that:

Guillermo del Toro ("Mimic") has signed on to direct the $40 million-plus adaptation of the Dark Horse comic "Hellboy." The picture will be produced by Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin in association with Mike Richardson's Dark Horse Entertainment.

"Hellboy" is the story of a supernatural detective summoned from the underworld by the Nazis during World War II. He later turns on his mentors to prevent them from blowing up the world.

Well, first off, HELLBOY is going to be directed by Guillermo, it's been set up for a while now. The paragraph about HELLBOY that the Hollywood Reporter reported is not necessarily the way the story will be told. It's still being worked out last I heard. Del Toro has been in contact with comic god Mignola, in fact I heard they were going to talk sometime soon at length. Guillermo is giddy about this project. However, this is going to be made after Del Toro's MONTECRISTO (one word title HR) which is moving along at an even brisker pace. As for the adaptation of LIST OF SEVEN, let us pray that it gets made as it is quite simply brilliant.

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