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One of the Greatest Film Images Of All Time! Staggeringly Awesome!

Hey folks, Harry here... now the following image will do one of two things to you. It will either give you a kaiju erection large enough to destroy downtown Chicago with a might hip twist... OR... You have no soul and occupy that body of yours like the metallic slug creatures from DESTROY ALL MONSTERS - with fake inhuman smiles and yet are false through and through, scared of the dark cold places to which you'll inevitably find yourself spending eternity.

The image came to me from Matthew of MonsterIslandMedia.Com - a man who has obviously dedicated himself like monks in the dark ages copying by hand the word of god upon illuminated pages... now he details the images and words of GODZILLA! Yes... we each have a higher calling, but Matthew has the highest!

TOHO is so giving GODZILLA the right send off... by combining the fantastically cool visual talent and inventiveness of Ryuhei Kitamura (VERSUS, AZUMI) with the largest budget and most audacious line up of monsters in the history of Kaiju Cinema... well - it is my prediction that this film will destroy BEN HUR and RETURN OF THE KING's Oscar Record and sweep up 12! This is obviously the greatest film of all time... How do I know? Well, the premiere of the movie in Japan is on DECEMBER 11TH... My Birthday! This can not be a happenstance... it means cosmic things! It means greatness! It means canceling Butt-Numb-A-Thon and flying to Tokyo! It means joining a Kaiju Kult! As Weird Al once said, "This Means Something!"

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