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GOONIES 2 ain't good enough... good enough for Richard Donner - ya-ya-ya-ya!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some word from Richard Donner about his upcoming projects that was sent around to a few of the internet film sites. As you may have guessed from the the title, Donner is off GOONIES 2... Thank God. No Mama Fratelli, No original Sloth... No need to make a sequel. In my mind, Sloth and Chunk went off and lived a happy life together filled with rocky road ice cream and Baby Ruth bars, Mouth and Stef are that awesome married couple that hate each other's guts, yet are somehow perfect for each other, Brand is off somewhere with his thumb up his butt running a business or something, Andy couldn't get the kiss with Mikey out of her mind, so they're now married and, of course, Data is about to take over the world with his home-built robot army. Why shatter my already fragile universe with a lame sequel? Anyway, here's the goodies straight from Richard Donner's mouth!!!

Hi boys,

Last nite they had a screening of Superman-The Movie:The Expanded Edition. It was held at the Arclight Cinema and was part of the Master Storyteller Series. Richard Donner was the guest.

It's the second time I've seen this on the big screen, first at the Egyptian in Hollywood, and it just doesn't get any better. OK, it was better because the screen was larger than the Egyptian's. It was a sold out show but the crowd was rather dead compared to the Egyptian's. Cheers and applause throughout there, random applause here. Anyway it was great.

Richard Donner went over alot that I believe was already covered on the DVD. He continued to praise his cast and twice said that Christopher Reeve "will walk again."

He isn't too thrilled with the idea of making a new Superman movie. He feels it was already done so why do it again. Unlike Lucas, he was and still is very happy with the special effects. Despite the fact they are over 25 years old they hold up. I know many people kinda grinned at the model shots of the raging river approaching the homes that Superman saves. You just go with what you got and enjoy it.

He did mention how the original script was much in the vain of the campy Batman tv series. Thank God, that changed.

He touched upon Superman II and his involvement but no talk about the possiblity of a new Donner cut.

As for Goonies II, "Afraid not." Donner told the audience after someone shouted out for Goonies II. He said they tried but didn't live up to the original so no Goonies. Now, he said no but I don't know if it means it will never happen. He may have said he's out of the chair but it doesn't mean another director, ie Sean Astin, couldn't take over. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

He said his next project may be a western written by Brian Helgeland. I wonder, there were stories a ways back that Helgeland was writing a new western for Clint Eastwood. Hmmm, could this be it? Donner, Eastwood, Helgeland? Imagine the possibilities.

Until later,

The Film Maven

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