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More info on a possible sequel to Carpenter's THE THING!!!

Ahoy, squirts. Quint here with an odd report. I swear to God... the way technology is going, producers and execs and agents will all have to learn how to communicate telepathically. This scooper sent this in from his wireless PDA while listening in to a conversation. A word of warning... Lots of people talk about a lot of things at lunch. Don't take this conversation as the absolute truth. Enjoy it, contemplate the idea of Carpenter returning to form... Happy thoughts... From everything I've heard, Carpenter won't make a sequel unless they absolutely nailed the story. In my mind, the best thing John Carpenter can do is make that super-low budget throw back to HALLOWEEN he's been talking about and rediscover himself as a filmmaker. That might just be me, though.

Anyway, you might need this to translate this hastily typed article: JC = John Carpenter, EFLA = ESCAPE FROM LA, KR = Kurt Russell and Larry Franko = Larry Franco, producer of most of Carpenter's stuff THEY LIVE and before and brother-in-law to Kurt Russell.


At restaurant in Orlando right now. On wireless PDA. Two guys behind us talking about The Thing 2. One older in 50s? Other younger in mid 30s? Listening...younger guy is talking about game? Nothing in pipeline, JC was too stubborn, bad story. Original writers dead????? Universal still wants sequel JC track record sucks. Talking about EFLA now, ugh, bad movie! Older guy says he would consider if JC did a screen test or proof of concept with KR and it was good. DAM! Was hoping something in pipe. Someone call JC and talk sense into that man. Older guy said Larry Franko approached him a year ago? Who is Larry Franko? Older guy says did not like JC story about sub. I Agree, bad story with sub. Needs to be present day, KR flying choppers for tourists in Caribbean when MIBs show yes? :) Mcreedy scapegoat for 20 years now they want help? :) I'm getting carried away, loved that movie. One of my all time favorites. Will give more detail later, typing on this thing is a bitch.


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