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Tragic News Wrapped In A Beautiful Shiny Package: Re: SKY CAPTAIN & THE WORLD OF TOMORROW!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - with news of the most utterly depressing scale and magnitude. SKY CAPTAIN & THE WORLD OF TOMORROW has moved quite a few more tomorrows away. If you've been following the production on this work of staggering beauty and genius... then you know that due to the sheer magnitude of the effects work necessary... and the level of detail and quality that Kerry Conran has been demanding. It isn't about reality - but about a heightened reality that is the way we dreamers brought up on Fleischer fans and Industrial Age Science Fiction Geeks dream of. Well... To be able to complete the effects and not cut any corners at all.... to be able to be released outside of the summer film world where you must claw and scratch to live for a week... And instead plant what is sure to be a marketing challenge at a point where they can take advantage of being a trailer or two upon all the big summer blockbusters... and then unleash on September 17th. Upon getting this news officially from Paramount today -- they sent AICN the following pics - which basically show off the current color palatte that the film has...

Of course that guy with the 5 & Dime Grin is Jude Law.

Next is Gwyneth Paltrow looking like a period dream. Look at her, that hair is so 30's Dietrich-y. And what lovely color, the thing that gets me... is thinking other than the humans there... nothing is real... that wood door frame... not there. Those walls... not there. Insane.

Angelina Jolie as the one-eyed Captain Franky Cook -- she has a small part in the movie, but if she's playing it the way I'm thinking she plays it, it'll be a real screen stealer.

Giovanni Ribisi's Dex kinda worries me. When it was Casey Affleck - I was a tad worried. If only they could pluck William Benedict from the past... that would have been dead on.

Here's just a lovely beauty shot of the Sky Captain's P-40 Warhawk frozen in the otherworld above the clouds.

I know the flapping flying wings drive some of you crazy... the practicality of it being possible is so out there. But ya know what, wouldn't it be cool if that were possible? That's kinda what this film is about. Those things that back in the 20's and 30's Futurists were theorizing the world of Tomorrow being capable of. The pneumatic transportation systems... flying cruise ships... Houses built on the underside of bridges... The stuff dreams are made of... ya know, the stuff movies used to be able to give us without a cynical backlash cry of, "that's not real" or "that's not practical!" Screw reality -- this is pure pulp sci-fi retrofiction. Goody!

This shot of Bai Ling is my fave new shot. It comes right off a WEIRD TALES or SPICY STORIES pulp from long ago... There's also an air of those classic SANDMAN painted covers to it. Well... if we have to wait till September... thank god Michael Moore is bringing us FAHRENHEIT 9/11 early. Hope that gets on 4000 screens and a $40 million dollar promotional budget. Don't you?

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