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Whedon_Teleplays With ANGEL 5.22!!

I am – Hercules!!

We all figured he’d be too busy prepping his first feature, but I guess we figured wrong.

Jeffrey Bell was going to write and direct the “Angel” finale by himself, but now Buffiverse mastermind Joss Whedon’s name has joined Bell’s on the teleplay credit.

News of Whedon’s more hands-on participation comes from the always-reliable Pandora at, which also reveals who’ll be appearing in the last four episodes:

5.19 “Time Bomb,” written by Ben Edlund (“Life of the Party,” “Smile Time”).
* Harmony, the Mercedes McNab character introduced in “Buffy” 1.2.
* Hamilton, the Adam Baldwin character to be introduced Wednesday.

5.20 “The Girl In Question,” written by Steve DeKnight (“Shells”) & Drew Goddard (“1943”) and directed by “Angel” co-creator David Greenwalt (!).
* Harmony
* Darla, the Julie Benz character introduced in “Buffy” 1.1.
* Drusilla, the Juliet Landau character introduced in “Buffy” 2.3.
* Andrew, the Tom Lenk character introduced in “Buffy” 6.4.

5.21 “Power Play,” written by David Fury (“Destiny,” “You’re Welcome”).
* Harmony
* Hamilton
* Lindsey, the Christian Kane character introduced in “Angel” 1.1.
* Nina, the Jenny Mollen character introduced in “Angel” 5.3.
* Sebassis, the Leland Crooke character introduced in “Angel” 5.5.
* Izzy, the Mark Colson character introduced in “Angel” 5.12.
* Drogyn, the Alec Newman character introduced in “Angel” 5.15.
* Cyvus, the Dennis Christopher character to be introduced in “Angel” 5.18 next week.

5.22 “Not Fade Away,” written by Jeffrey Bell (“The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco”) and Joss Whedon (“A Hole in the World,” almost certainly the finest “Angel” tale ever produced).
* Harmony
* Lindsey
* Sebassis
* Izzy
* Hamilton
* Cyvus
* Anne, the Julia Lee character introduced in “Buffy” 2.7.
* Connor, the Vincent Kartheiser character introduced in “Angel” 3.9.
* Eve, the Sarah Thompson character introduced in “Angel” 5.1.
* Slave, the Ryan Alverez character introduced in “Angel” 5.5.

I am – Hercules!!

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