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The latest gossip on a GREASE sequel with Olivia!

Hey folks, Harry here... This is certainly interesting... Here's my concerns... I wouldn't want a new actor playing "Danny" - I would prefer if Danny was killed in some sad tragic way, which haunts a Sandy that is struggling with life without love and two kids whose hormones are rising. People keep claiming Hugh can do a musical, I'm curious to see how true this is. I have only seen him sing a couple of lyrics from OKLAHOMA or whatever that was at Comic Con last year. Anyway - I've got Olivia's PHYSICAL album gatefold cover on the ceiling - cuz... well I'm a geek that'll never forget seeing GREASE about a 1000 times at the Drive-in. Bliss!

MTV did their showbizzy gossipy thing tonight - usually about as informative as a 7-Eleven clerk when wanting directions, because it's been said about twenty times over elsewhere - and It mentioned some Grease 3 rumors. Apparently Paramount is up and running with it again. But it looks like going without Travolta. Apparently he's not so keen to do it anymore, but Olivia Newton-John is. Latest is that the script's been changed to only feature the character of Sandy (Newton-John) and her two kids. But the kicker...they want to write in a new love interest for Sandy to sing-a-long with - and there's talk of Hugh Jackman jumping aboard. Make sense I suppose...he does want to do a musical? and hey, better voice? and really, without Travolta, they ARE going to need a big star to sell this.

Lookin' out for Princess of Mars!


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