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WONDERFALLS Cancelled! Wah!

I am – Hercules!!

Well, turns out that rumor about “Wondefalls” moving permanently to Thursdays was complete horseshit, to say the least.

Here’s series overseer Tim Minear with the hilarious news:

Well, not sure what to tell ya'll -- but we're cancelled. Effective at once. The cow creamer will be silent this Thursday and forever forward. Once we recover from the not-shock, Todd, Bryan and I will see if there's some venue in which to air the remaining episodes. As I have said from the start, the thirteen taken as a whole tell a story and go to a place, so a run of this "limited" series would not be unsatisfying elsewhere. It's a question as to whether the studio will want to invest in a DVD release of a failed series. Maybe the episodes will sit in a warehouse someplace with that sled and the arc of the covenant.

Thanks for all the support and enthusiasm.


And “Tru Calling"? Still on the air!

Man, hopefully you'll all get to see what you missed one day! If Fox had just slotted "Wondefalls" after "American Idol" it'd probably have its second season locked up by now.

I am – Hercules!!

Okay, you can all stop watching "Wonderfalls" now!! Herc says it’s the season’s best new show!! So of course it stopped airing after four episodes!!

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