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The title for STAR WARS EPISODE III' Heh... I know...

Hey folks, Harry here... Ordinarily I would stay about 30,000 miles away from a rumor about the title of the final Star Wars prequel. How many rumors have there been? A zillion? I've been hearing "RISE OF THE EMPIRE" for a billion years now, but I've always dismissed it because frankly - with the last film having "of the" in the title, I really didn't feel that Lucas would have that in a subsequent title... didn't feel like his style. That being said - when I got this email... with all the blank pieces filled in and when I talked to a friend that knew the person that fills those blanks and works with them - well - this early morning they confirmed this for me. Now... having said that - it is awfully close to April 1st and well that brings out the loons. But I believe this title simply because... well... it sounds like something Lucas would hatch for the final title. Read on, I'll be back afterwards...

Hi Harry,

A lttle nugget of Star Wars info...I work in the animation industry, and I've just had a very interesting conversation with ___________ ___. We were discussing the presentations for the upcoming MIPCOM tradefair which starts at the weekend, and she/he/it was talking about the _____________, and how successful it's been for them...etc...then she/he/it said that Lucasfilm will be announcing the title of Episode 3 early next week, and they were rushing to reprint some artwork with the new title to take to MIP.

She/he/it said the title had been 'Rise of the Empire', but George Lucas recently changed his mind, and it will now be titled 'The Creeping Fear'. She/he/it said this refers to a hooded Death type character who wipes out the Jedi. 

If you do use this, can you be sure to leave out ___________ ___'s name...(I wouldn't want he/her/it to get into trouble!)

Thanks Harry,

Call me Gibby Bunt   

THE CREEPING FEAR... it sounds like a serial chapter title... it has a retrofunk to it and like both the previous names it would be sure to drive fanboys screaming mad about how Lucas is insane and how Fincher should be directing the final part... but... THE CREEPING FEAR is the thing that's gonna bite Anakin on the ass and complete his transformation. THE CREEPING FEAR is what is going to be wiping out the Jedi, making the few survivors genuinely feeling like lucky bastards. This could all be bullshit, but we'll see soon enough if the rest of the email is correct... personally I do have a skeptical side... after all, THE PHANTOM MENACE was unleashed in September... and ATTACK OF THE CLONES was an August thing, almost a full month earlier... this would be quite a bit earlier than expected... Let's see if THE CREEPING FEAR turns out to be more than just geeks' feelings towards the 3rd and final prequel.

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