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Hey folks, Harry here with Quint's scoop regarding Darabont and M:I 3. Not really sure what to make of this, except that well... Darabont is a damn great writer and that Joe Carnahan is going to kick in teeth with this film... well, that's my wager anyways. Here's Quint....

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some good news for all of us who were burned by the fatally retarded MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2! I planted a bug in the Linda Blair bobble-head on Sherry Lansing's desk last week and it has already yielded some groovy info!

Turns out none other than Frank Darabont has been coerced into scripting M:I3, with Tom Cruise (of course) starring. Maybe it's a pay check, maybe it's a mercy scripting... I know I felt terrible for all involved in M:I2... Maybe he's excited by the direction new director Joe Carnahan is going or maybe Cruise worked some of his Scientology voo-doo on him. No matter what the scenario Darabont has proven he knows how to write good material.

I'm excited by the news because I really did dig the first MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE flick and I want the series to be successful... But if Darabont takes time to do this, does that mean I have to wait even that much longer for his take on Bradbury's brilliant FAHRENHEIT 451 or King's equally brilliant (in a B-grade drive in sorta way) THE MIST?

I better get running, squirts! This news should be hitting the trades in the next week or so! Remember who told ya' first!


email: Email Quint here! He'll get back to you just as soon as he returns from picking his feet in Poughkeepsie!!!

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