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Wanna See The New BATMOBILE'! Us, Too!!

Hi, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab...

Well, it took less than an hour. Thanks to one of the sharp-eyed readers in our chat room who goes by the name of Desk, I was directed to this thread on the message boards of, which is where HarryStamperOil found them, evidently. In the weeks ahead, there are going to be dozens of hoaxes that people try to pass off. We get "real" teaser posters daily at this point. I knew that if these weren't real, we'd find out the source quickly, but I didn't realize HOW quick. Nice work, Desk. Enjoy the original article, now debunked, for the gas it is.

Oh, that crazy Bruce Wayne. He accidentally went and parked the Batmobile outside at Shepperton Studios the other day, and, well... now it’s time for the world to get their first peek at what Christian Bale’s going to be driving next summer when BATMAN BEGINS hits theaters. Or at least... that's what today's scooper says. Obviously, we're not at Shepperton ourselves, and Warner Bros. isn't about to offer us confirmation on the images, so we decided to give you guys the chance to check 'em out and judge for yourself. Like what you see? Think they're real? Could this just be an early design? We don't have the answers for you yet... just the questions...

In the script, this is described as an adapted military vehicle, originally designed by the research arm of Wayne Industries, then abandoned. Once Bruce Wayne adopts the Batman persona, he customizes the vehicle.

There are some big scenes involving this thing in the film, and I’m curious to see how it looks in motion. There’s a lot of hardware on there, and it needs to be sleek on the streets despite being fully-loaded.

This is our first look at any of the design work on the film, but before anyone goes crazy, remember that you’re seeing this out of context. It's interesting, but I want to see the world it fits into.

A big thanks to HarryStamperOil, our UK spy who just couldn’t resist the urge to share. You’re our kind of sneak, man. Keep in mind... he's a first time contributor who says he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. For now, his story seems to check out, and we'll see what shakes out in the days ahead regarding the authenticity of the pictures. Let the fanboy avalanche... begin!!

"Moriarty" out.

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