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Learn Around Whom The Antepenultimate ANGEL Revolves!!

I am – Hercules!!

Thanks to all of Harry's exciting new movie reviews clogging up the site, it's taken a little longer than usual to post what we've learned from the latest batch of "Angel" casting pages that began circulating on Monday.

* It turns out 5.20 is all about Buffy Summers.

* Seems that Angel and Spike, while on a seemingly unrelated mission in Italy, learn that somebody they’ve known for 110 years is in Rome, dating the former Sunnydale slayer!

* It looks like Michelle Trachtenberg will appear in the episode as Dawn Summers. Buffy’s in it too, but it’s unclear whether she’ll be played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, or a fleetingly glimpsed stunt double, or both.

* The vamps get a little staff support from Wolfram’s office in Italy.

* Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, we learn that Illyria has learned to impersonate Fred so capably she can fool even the girl’s parents.

I am – Hercules!!

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