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First Promotional Image For BATMAN BEGINS'

Hey folks, Harry here... just got this over the teletype. Seems that some evil doer did the right thing so we can all be happy and enjoy a peek at some promo-art for BATMAN BEGINS. I love the cross-stitch look of this, it looks... old. We can't read too much into this besides the fact that the artwork is moody, the font is plain and it seems to suggest CLASS - which has been mirrored by every other step that Christopher Nolan has made regarding this project. Here ya go...

SuperheroHype.Com contacted Warner Bros., which called the above image a fake. I'm not at my home machine right now, but I have written the source of the above image to tell me what the above image was... a fake... an inter-office thing that wasn't sanctioned for release... a promo dept mock-up... or what. Personally, I like the image, but we'll see what it is - if the source writes me back.

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