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French Trailers for ONG BAK hit! If you love Martial Arts Cinema - Hate Wire-Work - You Must See!

Hey folks, Harry here... ONG BAK MUAY THAI WARRIOR is the nuclear bomb of cool that the martial arts film needed to get grounded yet again in the art of just pure unadulterated ass-kicking, holy shit, how the hell did they do that - film making! This is a no wire film. This man does the things you see him do in this film. He exhibits a dexterity that perhaps only Jackie Chan exhibited at the height of his body's elasticity and prowess. He exhibits a lethal quickness and freshness and charisma that I have not seen since Bruce Lee. This guy is the real deal. The reviews from last year's Toronto Film Festival announced it, then when I saw it, I flipped the hell out. Luc Besson has bought the worldwide rights to the film, and this April it hits in France. God and Fox willing, it will hit the United States later this year. These trailers are cool, but only hint at the sheer exhiliration that this film creates in audiences. Going under the title, ONG BAK - this film will own everyone that sees it. Amazing martial arts film that many claim is the best since or even before DRUNKEN MASTER 2! I shit you not.

Click Here For The Full On Trailer

Click Here For The Teaser Trailer

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