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Alan Moore distances himself from Keanu's CONSTANTINE! Uh Oh...

Hey folks, Harry here... Many fans were wary of CONSTANTINE the second they called it CONSTANTINE instead of HELLBLAZER. Then when they decided to cast the blonde brit character as Keanu Reeves and make the distinctly British series American... well, that pissed off many, but Alan Moore was supportive... until now, this sounds like it might get really ugly. Here ya go...

Hey Harry, Bristlehound here with my third latest and greatest report. This one is such a stunner I can't believe it, but you should because everyone is trying to cover it up.

After reviewing the script and casting of HELLBLAZER, Comic Kingpin Alan Moore has done the unthinkable. He's washed his hand of the entire debacle. That's right- he's instructed DC to NOT credit him as the creator of the character. And putting his money where his mouth is, he has instructed that the royalties that he was splitting with his co-creators goes EXCLUSIVELY to the artists, Veitch and Bissette.

Often we hear about an artist upset that his creation has been butchered but this is the first I can recall where the creator asked that both name and money be rejected. Moore is apparently so upset at the desecration done to Constantine by Producer Lauren Shuler Donner that he is stating that he will never support a film project based on his work again. DC Toady Paul Levitz is running around trying to get Moore to change his position, but Levitz is the one who had 30,000 copies of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #5 pulped. The bad PR this move could create in the geek community is of grave concern to Warners and DC.

I say if they couldn't get Sting they should have got Ewan. With Neo, I ain't even renting. And if Alan Moore has washed his hands, we all should.

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