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El Dude gives us the lowdown on Almodovar's BAD EDUCATION!

Hey folks, Harry here with great news for Almodovar fans... the possibility of his best film coming up around the corner! Now, that would be saying something tremendous given Pedro's run of films thus far. If you haven't become familiar with his work, you should get familiar... Pedro's films are sexy and repulsive, funny and tragic and no matter what, constantly challenging and surprising. I would recommend: TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN!, ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER, WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN and lastly, the fantastic TALK TO HER. His earlier work, I'm not as familiar with, but have ordered it. I'm sure BAD EDUCATION will be one more to add to the library - after I see it at a theater later this year! Here ya go...

Hello there, I'm writing first time, from Spain.

Maybe you folks are interested in Almodovar. I have seen his last film a few days ago, "La mala educación", and I can tell that its gonna drive crazy all Almodovar fans. I'm not one of those -usually Almodovar films leave me as cold as an ice cube- but I have to recognize that is a great film.

Its like a gay melodramatic film noir, with homages to Billy Wilder (Double Indemnity), if we have to talk about genres, though in his very special and peculiar way of filmmaking and writing stories, "La mala educacion" resumes all Almodovar topics. I think is his best film in the last decade.

Its funny, because there are no "chicas Almodovar" ("Almodovar girls"), all actors are men, some transexual and some not, some priests who abuse of children, some actors or directors. Fele Martinez is Almodovar alter-ego, I think so, a filmmaker in the movie who's trying to find in newspapers and idea for his next film. Everything changes when an actor, Ignacio (mexican Gael García Bernal with perfect "spanish" accent, incredible, marvelous acting), an old friend from school times, makes him a visit and gives him a story he wrote called, by chance?, "The visit".

From this, the story jumps back on time, then back to present, and to other eras in the life of these two fellows, who were deeply in love in shool, with 12 years old or so. In this part of the film, during Franco's dictatorial times in Spain, we know about a priest in their school who used to abuse sexually of them, a trauma that still remains for these characters in the present.

The film portraits the 60's, the 80's and the present times in Spain. Its a very hard movie, maybe Almodovar's hardest and darkest one... there's no way the spectator can deny the hard feelings we have to deal with... the characters are fill of evil and cruelty. Dont want to spoil the plot, so I'll just say that there are lots of surprises, identities changes, doubles, reality and fiction and ficction inside fiction all the way through the plot, creating a mirror game that gives a complex structure to the film... most of people will have to see it twice to understand everything.

Also is a film directed with lots of passion, passion for movies. Maybe is Almodovar's most cinephile film, with lots of homages and winkles to classics. Is a cold film the disturbs, but it really works.

The film will open in Spain next 18th March, and will open Cannes Festival in May. French will love it.

Bye and best for all from Madrid, Spain.

The Dude

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