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SERENITY Now!!!!!!!!!!!

I am – Hercules!!

Wednesday morning’s Variety reports that Universal has greenlit the big-screen “Firefly” movie for a June start and a 2005 release. (Recall that, back on Feb. 10, Coaxial News reported a May start and a late 2005 release.)

Title of the film is “Serenity.” Series creator Joss Whedon is scripting and making his feature directorial debut. All the actors appear to be aboard.

According to the article, “Forthcoming pic is set about six months after the TV show left off, and centers on two passengers on board the ship who attract trouble to the crew.” Oddly, the story mentions all of the regulars returning but Alan Tudyk and Ron Glass. Perhaps the reporter’s fingers got tired.

Read the whole Variety piece here.

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I am – Hercules!!

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