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Star Trek: Enterprise 3.18 FAQ

What’s it called?

“Azati Prime.”

Who’s responsible?

Teleplay is credited to “Odyssey 5” creator Manny Coto (“Chosen Realm,” “Harbinger”).

What does TV Guide say?

“Archer's rash gamble to demolish the Xindi's planet-obliterating weapon imperils both his crew and the future in a pivotal episode. Criticized for its alleged blandness, the series returned for a third season with an emphasis on action, which this tale dishes out with a shovel. As Archer readies a captured shuttle for a suicidal attack on the Xindi fleet, time-traveler Daniels (Matt Winston) warns the captain that his death will prevent the creation of the Federation. Equally profound is the effect Archer's plans have on his crew - especially T'Pol.”

Is T’Pol crying in the promos because she thinks she’ll never see Archer again?


Is she addled by Pon Farr? Was she sprayed by mysterious sunflower spores? Does Daniels take her back to a time when Vulcans were emotional savages?

Sure. Why not.

The big news?

Daniels whisks Archer this time to the 26th century, where the captain gets a close look at the Enterprise-J!

The far bigger news?

Archer kills three defenseless Xindi in cold blood. And the Xindi respond by ripping gigantic holes in the Enterprise’s hull.

Is this a dream, a hoax, or an imaginary episode?


How will Archer’s death prevent the creation of the Federation?

Daniels needs Archer to talk to the Xindi and explain that the Earth was framed! If he doesn’t, the Xindi will destroy Earth with their new weapon. And without humanity to protect the Xindi in the 26th century, the Xindi will die at the hands of the sphere-builders. Sneaky sphere-builders!

What’s good?

Daniels’ tour of the future, T’Pol’s tears, the gruesome final battle scene, Archer’s poignant goodbyes (including the one with Porthos), and the skill with which Archer makes his case in the final act.

What’s not so good?

For the 400th time in three years, Archer finds himself prisoner of an alien holding cell.

How does it end, spoiler-boy?

As Xindi war vessels continue to punch enormous holes in the Enterprise, the ship bleeds flailing, unprepared crewman into space, and T’Pol is left in the captain’s chair, contemplating the hopelessness of her situation.

Herc’s rating for “Enterprise” 3.18?


The Hercules T. Strong Rating System:
***** better than we deserve
**** better than most motion pictures
*** actually worth your valuable time
** as horrible as most stuff on TV
* makes you quietly pray for bulletins

8 p.m. Wednesday. UPN.

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I am – Hercules!!

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