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Father Geek here, and I've got this week's regular weekly report from Scott on the whole wide world of Anime & Manga, sooooo let's get right to it...


by Scott Green

Manga Spotlight: Nausicaa By Hayao Miyazaki

Released by Viz

Hayao Miyaki (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service) is undoubtedly one of anime's best known and most beloved creators, but he has also produced a notable body of manga(comic). It doesn't have as many major works as his anime, some water color comics, adaptations of his television work, forerunners to his anime works. The cornerstone is Nausicca, which ran with breaks from 1982 to 1994. Miyazki adapted the story into anime movie early in the run (1984).

Viz has begun releasing a new edition of the Nausicaa manga in their new graphic novel format (called "2nd edition", at least the third collected format, you can find the Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Perfect Collection Boxed Set around).

Nausicaa is the best chance to see Miyazaki not constrained by the run time allotment of a motion picture's runtime or its production time. Not that he decries the limitations of movies, but if you've seen his movies, particularly Princess Mononoke, it is easy to pick out where the scope of his ideas strains against what can be fit into a movie. Across the breath of Nausicaa, Miyazaki is able to slowly reveal facets of personalities, and allow those personalities to change, explore the history of his world's cultures and how they fit together, affording a substantially richer picture than the anime version of the same story. Though other differences make it helpful to consider the two Nausicaa's separately.

Nausicaa is a ecological (social as well as environmental) epic set in a complex world of strange cultures, and giant insects. Miyazaki creates his own age of mankind, the ceramic age, and populates it with as many varied life forms, and civilizations as any fictional creation. Existence is harsh, the clash of civilizations and man against the natural world reverberate though the characters, but there is also a sense of wonder and terrible beauty the world.

Miyazki is as masterful a visual story teller in manga as he is in anime. There is some story board qualities to his illustration. It is easy to see it as visual cues for anime, but this doesn't lessen the effect. He clearly has a vivid visual imagination. His thin lines, detailed panels, and almost European comic style create an immersive world, with a range from wonderings in truly alien landscape, to charges of hordes of insects, to aerial dogfights and sword duels to massive land battle. The exacting nature of Miyazaki’s anime work carries through, perhaps in an even more undistilled form due singular rather than studio creation process.

Ecological stories are difficult. It is hard to urge people to reevaluate their world, and the priorities of the last couple of centuries without radically simplifying the situation, speaking from an off putting seat of moral authority, or ranting like a street preacher. Miyazaki transcends these problems by situating its story at a far distance, and focusing on understanding, the mental process and decisions needed to make an improvement.

The series is set of the far side of post-apocalypse. While there are significant and strange remnants of the pre-cataclysmic world, a new world has grown over the ashes. Humans have their settlements, and warring empires, but the dominant feature of the landscape is the growing, deadly fungal forest known as the Sea of Corruption, which houses hosts of giant insets, and releases clouds of poisonous miasma spores.

The character Nausicaa is the princess of the Valley of the Wind, a small vassal kingdom to one of the world two major warring empires. Becoming involved in the war, she moves inwards towards the core of the conflict, then towards the core of the nature of her world. On the world stage, her bravery, skills, intelligence, charisma, and capacity for understanding made her a fulcrum for fundamental shifts. She is an extension of Miyazakis’ heroes who experience the world, and are changed by in. In Nausicaa's chase she reflects what she has learned back onto the world, sharing her growth and insight. To call her a messianic figure is too charged, but in a political, and spiritual sense, she has many qualities of a messiah. But in a sense, she also shares many qualities of science's revolutionary thinkers. Her charisma is tangible, and translates to reader. It easy to be swayed by her ideas.

In addition to being a brilliant story teller, Hayao Miyazaki is a man whose political and world views are worth listening to. You may disagree with some of his stances (he's had an evolving relationship with socialism), or point out his human fallibilities (he has pretty nice car for a socialist and environmentalist), but as the informed and intelligent perspective of someone who has given these matters much thought he has a voice to recognize.

Despite internal consistency and logical progress, Nausicaaa was an un-architected and evolving narrative. 12 years, and over a thousand pages gave Miyazki and Nausicaa plenty of time to ponder their worlds, test and alter their philosophies. False notions are abandoned, and understandings are reached. The mechanism that sets the character, and maybe her creator apart is the ability probe and accept radical leaps ever in opposition to accepted wisdom in order to fully comprehend, whether the focus is a person, culture, nation, or the state of the world.

Because this Miyazaki, progression is eased an intensely likable lead character and the process is as edifying as the results. There are many harsh lessons internally and externally in Nausicaa, consequences of decision, and no easy fixes, but Miyazaki isn't wrapped his readers knuckles.

Ultimately, Nausicaa's journey reaches a perspective on the relationship between the present and the future that may be surprising for an ecological work. In its highly and hotly debated conclusion, develops into a challenge to the solutions and utopianism of the twentieth century. I

For example, character and creator move away from, though not completely abandon resolution through combat. Early in Nausicaa, the action is fun, not action manga, I wish I were there, or able to do that fun, but possessing a palpable exhilaration. It seems awful for its participants, but the there is a cavalry charge that is probably the best in the comic medium, and a number of sword fights that can't help but invoke a sense of excitement. Nausicaa is the antithesis of an escapist work. Nausicaa herself begins to distance herself from the righteous anger and appetite for battle, and begins to look for causes and solutions rather than reacting.

Anime Spotlight: Kino's Journey

Volume 1: Idle Adventurer

Anime had a micro-revolution in the late 96's in form of the late night series. These often cheaply made, often 13 episode series produced a number of innovative, challenging and frequently haunting works, including Serial Experiments Lain, and Berserk. Kino's Journey air on Japanese TV more recently, not in a more standard programming block, but its stands out against other anime series in a manner similar to the earlier late night work.

Kino's journey is a fantasy travel log in the Swiftian sense. The series subtitle is "The Beautiful World", a pairing down of the catch phrase "the world is not beautiful; therefore it is," which reflects the meditative tone, and anti-whimsical look at the world's possibilities.

The story follows Kino the Traveler and Kino's sentient motorcycle/motorrad Hermes, who travel the world, never staying longer than three days in any country. They stay long to understand a place and move on.

Many of the stories and situations aren't original. They're more often reworkings of familiar ideas from fables, fairy tales, or science fiction; in this volume twists on twists the curse of telepathy, scorpion and the fox, apocalypse cult/culture and child operated on to become adult. However, the presentation passes attention past with quick hit resolution irony (though there are a few stingers) in a way to invite re-examination of the subject mater and its surrounding ethics.

One of the volume's most mundane encounters is one of the more thought provoking. Kino find a group of three traveling salesmen whose truck has been stuck for the winter. Kino is sustained on traveler’s rations, but begins hunting rabbit to feed the men. Despite not valuing human life of the life of a rabbit, after feeding the men the first day, Kino feels obligated to insure their survival, despite a feeling that their is something not quite right about the group. The story provides both the conviction and space to consider.

The characters' actions are worth evaluating. You can disagree with the presentation, disagree with characters' ethics or decision, but it provokes some response.

The tone set by the animation, music, and presentation is not always eye catching, but consistently clear. Distractions are minimized so that the viewer sees what is meant to be seen. Which isn't to say that Kino's Journey is minimalist. What should needs to be attractive is attractive, what needs to be captivating is captivating, and what needs to be bleak is bleak, but seldom is that which doesn't need to be expressively portrayed expressively portrayed. The other consequence of this style, is that there are no false rewards. All of the small ouches touches that boost presence of cultures, or thrilling moments are earned through Kino's exploration or efforts.

Action is likewise moderated with a more clinical look at violence. Violence is part of a Traveler's world, Kino's daily routine includes practicing firearm quickdraw techniques, but even when building toward a confrontation, violence isn't presented as a payoff. It is a facet of the world, the same way songs or beautiful flowers are.

This Week's Releases

  • Beyblade - Euroblade Battle (Vol. 7)
  • Corrector Yui-Vol4:Network of Spies
  • Haibane-Renmei - Day of Flight (Vol. 4)
  • Idol Project Pack:Super Pop Anthology
  • I'm Gonna Be an Angel Vol 2
  • Inu-Yasha - Broken Fang (Vol.15)
  • Kino's Journey - Idle Adventure (Vol. 1)
  • Mao-Chan (Volume 3)
  • Memories
  • Project Arms - 'Twas Brillig (Vol. 8)
  • Saint Seiya Vol 4
  • Sadamitsu the Destroyer 2:Invasion
  • Samurai Deeper Kyo - Fire and Ice (Vol. 5)
  • Steam Detectives:Vol 4

  • Battle Angel Alita Last Order Vol 3 Tp
  • Battle Angel Alita Vol 2 Tp 2Nd Ed
  • Five Star Stories Eng Lang Manga #17
  • Five Star Stories Eng Lang Manga #18
  • Gyo Vol 2 Tp
  • Nausicaa Of Valley Of Wind Vol 1 Tp 2Nd Ed
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol 2 Tp 2Nd Ed

Memories is an anthology movie from Akira creator Katsuhiro Ôtomo.

Release Set For Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genesis Reborn

Excerpted From Press Release: ADV Films announced a March 9, 2004 release date for Genesis Reborn, the second of two Directors’ Cut volumes of the enormously influential anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Directors’ Cut is not just a remaster, but a revised and re-edited special edition produced under the careful supervision of creators Hideaki Anno and Gainax to include amazing new footage never before available outside of Japan. The second volume contains Evangelion episodes 24-26 in both the extended Directors’ Cut versions and the original broadcast versions, allowing fans to see the creative progression of this seminal title’s final moments.

Mobile Phone Company to Purchase Madhouse

Cell Phone service provider Index announced that it will purchase anime studio MadHouse (Ninja Scroll, CardCaptor Sakura, X, Chobits) for 600 million yen. Index will use the studio to provide animated content for its customers.

Steam Boy Release Date

Natsume Maya points out Otomo Katsuhiro's movie Steam Boy will be released theatrically on 17 July 2004, according to the news on the official website.

Ghost in the Shell: Innocence Release

Natsume Maya reports Dreamworks stated that Oshii Mamoru's movie Innocence will screen in 10 big cities in the US in the autumn of 2004 and that the movie will also screen in Europe within the year. Dreamworks has global distribution rights for the movie, except for the Asia region. The movie will be released theatrically in Japan on 6 March 2004.

Memories Clips

Anime News Network has posted a number of clips the newly release Memories AnimeBoston has announced that April 9-11 convention has reached its registration capacity. They are no longer accepting new pre-registrations or accepting new registrations at the door. They are still offering "Castle Passes" to the dealer room and art show.

NuTech Stock Coverage

NuTech Digital, Inc. announced in a press release that WallStreet Research has released an analyst research report covering the Company's shares with a speculative buy recommendation. The report on NuTech Digital and additional information about WallStreet Research is available at

The release describes NuTech as a distributor of original and licensed home entertainment products, including unique feature films, Japanese anime, music concerts, children's animated films, video games, karaoke software and late night programming.

NuTech is best known to many anime fans for the hard core hentai (adult) anime that it releases.

Cartoon Network Unveils New Shows

Cartoon Network has announced its 2004 lineup, with more new episodes than ever before in its history.

"We know that kids have voracious appetites for new shows, so we'll have more new programming on Cartoon Network in 2004 than ever before. By greenlighting more new shows faster, ramping up production of current hits and aggressively acquiring new series, we'll have twice the amount of new programming on our air this year than we did in 2002," said Jim Samples, executive vice president and general manager, Cartoon Network. "I'm confident that our new shows will not only solidify our current lead with boys, but will continue the growth in girls viewing that started earlier this year."

New Shows:

Megas XLR: The new action-comedy series about a 20-something grease monkey who discovers a giant fighting robot from the future in a New Jersey landfill, premieres on Saturday, May 1, at 9 p.m. (ET, PT), anchoring Toonami's new Saturday night lineup. Coop brings his discovery, called Megas, home and customizes it, but, in doing so, attracts the attention of evil aliens from the future. Now, Coop is forced into an uncomfortable role as the only hope for mankind, when he'd rather hang out, play video games and use his giant robot to cruise the Garden State. Megas XLR, created by Jody Schaeffer and George Krstic, is produced by Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, Calif.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: From Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends premieres with a 90-minute feature on Friday, July 16, followed by the series premiere on Friday, September 3. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends tells the story of Mac, a smart, creative and shy 8-year-old, and his imaginary friend, Bloo. Mac's mom thinks that her son is too old to have an imaginary friend, so Bloo is sent to live at the Victorian mansion that serves as Madame Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. But Mac, not ready to abandon Bloo, strikes a deal with the home's staff - Madame Foster, Frankie and Mr. Herriman - who promise not to let Bloo be adopted by anyone else if Mac visits him every day. Mac becomes the favorite visitor of all the imaginary friends, including Wilt, Eduardo and Coco, who bring the boy along on their adventures within the house and in the "real world."

Justice League Unlimited: The heroes of the Justice League return in August with a new series, Justice League Unlimited, which incorporates a bold new look and a much larger scope. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern continue to lead the universe's most powerful superheroes in an effort to stop criminal plots and alien threats that endanger the universe. Now, in Justice League Unlimited, they are joined by an even greater collection of heroes some of whom are well- known, like Supergirl, Green Arrow and the Atom, as well as some that are less familiar, like Booster Gold, Hawk & Dove, Elongated Man, The Question, Mister Miracle, Big Barda and Zatanna. Each half-hour will tell a power-packed story, combining some of the original heroes with new ones as they band together to battle alien invasions, powerful sorcerers, vast shadowy conspiracies and even ancient gods.

Atomic Betty: This new series, set to premiere in September, follows the adventures of Betty, a little girl with a big secret. To her friends and family, she's the sweet and brainy girl next door. But when the galaxy beckons, she sheds her humdrum persona and becomes "Atomic Betty, Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos." While the citizens of Earth carry on with their every day lives, Atomic Betty zips daringly across the galaxy on valiant missions, from saving a race of space monkeys from a giant caterpillar invasion to rescuing a kidnapped ambassador from a ruthless king. She's a hero to the universe, but on her home planet Earth, Betty's just one of the gang.

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: One of Japan's biggest pop music acts arrives in America, not with a massive stadium tour but as a cartoon. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, set to debut in December, follows the adventures of two very cool, but very different, pop stars as they travel from gig to gig or just hang out in their hometown of Tokyo. Ami is the peppy, positive and resourceful one. Yumi is the hard-rocking, no-nonsense cynic with an absolutely infallible sense of cool. Together, they take the world by storm, despite occasional misjudgments from their well-meaning but tragically square manager, Kaz. Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi also will feature live-action segments starring the real life Puffy AmiYumi as well as the group's catchy J-pop hits.

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee: By outward appearances, Juniper Lee is a typical 11-year-old girl having fun with friends, dealing with siblings and worrying about schoolwork. But fate has dealt June a slightly different hand. For generations, a member of her family has been born into the secret responsibility of fighting the forces of mischief and chaos that hide everywhere. On any given day, she may have to skip out on her best friend's birthday party to discipline some unruly 6-foot leprechauns or smack down some troublemaking gnomes. The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, from creator Judd Winnick, will premiere in February 2005.

New Episodes of Returning Series:

Teen Titans: The second season began in January and runs through March.

Totally Spies: Thirteen new episodes arrive on Cartoon Network in April.

The Powerpuff Girls: 17 new episodes in 2004.

Codename: Kids Next Door: The series' third season begins in May.

Johnny Bravo:12 new episodes and a half-hour special in 2004.

Duck Dodgers: 13 new half-hour episodes on Saturday, June 26.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: 16 new episodes in 2004.

Evil Con Carne: Four new half-hour episodes debut in 2004.

Star Wars: Clone War: New episodes begin on Friday, March 26, and air weekdays through Thursday, April 8.


Transformers: Energon: Started Saturday, Jan. 31.

Mucha Lucha: will air as part of Fridays, Cartoon Network's prime time block of animated comedies.

Astro Boy:Starts Monday, March 8 at 5 p.m.

Code LYOKO: Cartoon Network has acquired 26 episodes of the animated series that blends traditional 2D and 3D animation. Code LYOKO tells the story of a group of students who uncover a parallel digital world named LYOKO that is threatened by a deadly virus that could ultimately destroy Earth.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: airs weekdays beginning Monday, April 19.

Duel Master: The anime series about Shobu, a master of an engrossing playing card game who can bring the cards' creatures to life, begins in March. Cartoon Network has acquired 26 episodes.

Gundam Seed: This new anime series begins in April. Cartoon Network has acquired 50 episodes.

Dragonball GT: Cartoon Network will begin airing 20 new episodes in May.

Rave Masters: The anime series begins in May. Cartoon Network has acquired 26 episodes.

Cyborg 009: Cartoon Network has acquired 26 additional episodes, which will begin in June.

New Greenlights of Existing Series:

Codename: Kids Next Door has been given the greenlight through its sixth season, which will bring the series up to 78 episodes. Season Three begins in May.

Ed, Edd n Eddy will return with three new half-hour holiday specials, beginning with a Christmas special in 2004.

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, created by Maxwell Atoms at Cartoon Network Studios, has been given the greenlight for an additional season, its fourth, which will bring the series up to 52 total episodes.

Duck Dodgers, starring Porky Pig, Duck Dodgers and Marvin the Martian in the 24th and 1/2 century, has been given the greenlight for 13 additional episodes, which will take the series to 39 total episodes.

Adult Swim:

Late night's only show starring a winged attorney returns with a new season of antics and objections on Sunday, April 18. Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law will air Sunday evenings at 11:30 p.m. (ET, PT) on Adult Swim. The new season of 10 new episodes will include guest stars Speed Buggy, The Jetsons, Grape Ape, and the father/son combo of Doggie Daddy and Augie Doggie all turning to Harvey for legal counsel.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force joins the Adult Swim lineup Monday-Thursday at 12 a.m. (ET, PT) beginning Monday, April 19. Meatwad, Master Shake and Frylock, three human-sized food products living in a rental house in New Jersey, torment their neighbor Carl and meander through their mundane yet surreal existence.

Sealab 2021 returns with a new season of underwater insanity and hilarity beginning Sunday, June 20.

In The Venture Brothers, dimwitted brothers Hank and Dean Venture, their scientist father and his bodyguard, Brock, live on a spacious ranch with a high-tech laboratory. Their adventures take them to exotic locales around the world, from the deepest, darkest rainforests to the most dangerous urban jungles. It's a dangerous world out there - full of zombie mummies, crazed alligators, street toughs and peculiar super-villains with a score to settle. The Venture Brothers will premiere on Sunday, August 1.

Del Rey Considers Editing Ken Akamatsu Manga

Del Rey has backed off on plans to edit the sexual content of Negima. Anime on DVD initially confirmed Love Hina creator Ken Akamatsu's site diary entry stating that Del Rey will editing his series Magister Negi (Negi Magi) manga for US publication were being toned down, such as breasts being covered up by hair or towels and and panties being added to previously bare bottoms. Dallas Middaugh of Del Rey confirmed that approximately 10 panels in the first volume of the manga were altered with the artists knowledge to get "into as many U.S. bookstores as possible." Dallas was also good enough to ensure fans that "no changes made in xxxHOLiC, Tsubasa, or Gundam SEED."

Later Middaugh announced "NEGIMA, Volume 1: Magister Negi, by Ken Akamatsu, will be published by Del Rey on April 27th as scheduled without any alterations to the author's original artwork and text. At the suggestion of one of our leading national book retailers, copies of NEGIMA will be shrinkwrapped with a label that states: "Contains Explicit Content, Ages 16+" on the front of the book."

Japanese Sites and Trailers

From Natsume Maya The official website for the upcoming aviation OVA Sora can be found here. Wallpapers can be seen here.

Ronz TB also now has a promo clip up for the independent superhero anime Excelion in production he re

The official website for Satoshi Kon’s Mousou Dairinin (Paraonia Agent) now has the opening and ending credits sequences available for download.

The official Japanese website for the Le Portrait de Petit Cossette, which looks to be what some fans refer to as lolli-goth, OAV series now hosts a 30 second long trailer in streaming Real Media format. The first episode is scheduled for Japanese home video release on April 28th.

New Viz Manga Series for Q2

Viz announced today the upcoming release of four new manga titles for the Second Quarter of 2004.

Included will be the long-awaited first volume of SAIKANO, being offered as a VIZ Editor's Choice selection, as well as action title CHEEKY ANGEL. IMADOKI and RED RIVER round out the list of new release and will further complement VIZ's extensive collection of shôjo manga. All of these new titles will ship in June and be made available in stores nationally in July 2004, marking the English-language debut of each title.


240 pages, $9.95 U.S.; Category: EDITOR'S CHOICE; June 2004

Shuji and Chise are high school seniors in a small town in Japan and have just started dating when Shuji discovers that Chise has been secretly engineered by the government to transform into a powerful weapon. While Shuji and Chise try to nurture their relationship, Chise continues to grow more powerful as the Ultimate Weapon, and becomes increasingly torn between being a destructive fighting force and remaining an ordinary teenager. What do you do when the girl you love becomes a weapon of mass destruction?

Also known as SHE, THE ULTIMATE WEAPON, SAIKANO debuted as a manga in the Japanese weekly comic anthology Big Comic Spirits in 2000 and spawned seven volumes, which sold over 2.6 million copies. A collection of trading cards, action figures, and a PS2 video game soon followed. A 13-episode anime series debuted on Japanese TV in July 2002 and will be available in the U.S. in April 2004 when VIZ releases the first of four DVD volumes in a special two-disc set.


200 pages, $9.95 U.S.; Category: ACTION; June 2004

Megumi, a nine-year-old martial arts enthusiast and all around rapscallion, always wanted to be "the manliest man on earth." After saving a sorcerer from a group of local thugs, Megumi is presented with a magic genie, who can grant any wish. Unfortunately, this genie is slightly hard of hearing and misconstrues Megumi's original desire as wanting to become the "womanliest woman on earth," and in a flash, Megumi's Y chromosome is swapped for an X. Six years later Megumi is the hottest girl in school, but has stayed true to his/her tough talkin', punk stompin ways!

Originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday, CHEEKY ANGEL went on to sell more than 7 million copies, as well as a 20-volume serialized graphic novel. Also a 50-episode anime series, CHEEKY ANGEL won creator/artist Hiroyuki Nishimori Shogakukan's 46th annual cartoon prize in 2001. Nishimori is also well known for his 38-volume manga, KYO KARA ORE WA (From Today I...), which has sold 33 million copies in Japan.


200 pages, $9.95 U.S.; Category: SHÔJO; June 2004

For Tampopo Yamazaki, life at the elitist Meio Academy seems way out of her league. The daughters of wealthy families snub her; other students make fun of the fact that she actually tested into Meio instead of relying on family connections; and the cute boy she saw tending a dandelion the day before won't even acknowledge her existence. Hoping to make friends and have some fun, Tampopo starts a gardening committee, but will this help her survive in a school where superficiality and nepotism reign supreme?

From best-selling creator Yû Watase, one of Japan's most beloved shôjo artists, IMADOKI packs comedic charm and heartfelt antics into an adorable bouquet of whimsical fantasy. A manga artist for over ten years, Yû Watase's manga debut came in 1989 at the age of 18 when her short story, PAJAMA DE OJAMA (An Intrusion in Pajamas), first appeared in the monthly Shôjo Comics anthology. Since then Watase has written and drawn some 50 different short stories and long-running manga series, including the best-selling shôjo fantasy series FUSHIGI YÛGI, ALICE 19th, and the popular CERES, CELESTIAL LEGEND, all of which are available in English from VIZ. Her works have provided the basis for two television series, an OVA series, anime soundtrack CDs, and a string of novels.


192 pages, $9.95 U.S.; Category: SHÔJO; June 2004

When Yuri is forcibly pulled through a puddle of water after kissing her boyfriend one night, she emerges from the water to find herself in an ancient village somewhere in the Middle East. Surrounded by strangely dressed people speaking a language she doesn't understand, Yuri is soon captured by armed troops and brought to the palace, where she learns that the queen had her kidnapped so she can offer Yuri's blood in a ritual that will kill two princes in competition to inherit the kingdom. If a kiss helped get Yuri into this dilemma, can a kiss get her out?

From creator Chie Shinohara, RED RIVER debuted in 1995 and concluded in January 2002, spanning 28 volumes that sold over 15.3 million copies in Japan. The first nine volumes have already seen an amazing 20 reprints each. Six radio plays, which cover the manga story also followed, as has an art book.

NewType USA Preview

The cover story for Newtype Usa Vol. 3, Issue 3 (March 2004) is Maburaho, and other features include 2004 Preview, Chrno Crusade, Cyborg 009, Galaxy Angel, Kiddy Grade and Final Fantasy XII.

Bonuses are the seventh installment of the ANGEL/DUST manga, Official Art of: Yukikaze, .hack//QUARANTINE centerfold, a Wedding Peach poster, Azumanga Daioh stickers and a DVD insert of All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV Episode 1.

It has been revealed that ADV has licensed Maburaho

Shaman King Merchandise has images of Mattel's Shaman King line here and her e.

The lines, which will be available in August include:

*Shaman King 2 ½ -inch Super Deformed Figures (featuring the character's various spirits or companions)

*Shaman King 4 ¾-inch Figure Assortment (featuring the shaman characters)

*Shaman King 7-Inch Figure Assortment (the spirits with 4 ¾-" versions of their shamans)

*Shaman King Deluxe Battling Figure Assortment (Amidamaru and Bason) A Shaman King Board Game will be released in July.

ADV March Releases

March 9

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Volume 3

March 16

Happy Lesson: Mama-Palooza

Once Upon A Time

Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis—Live-Action Version Of Anime Classic Doomed Megalopolis

Happy Lesson: Mama-Palooza... Second Volume of Wacky Romantic Comedy

ADV Films has set a street date of March 16, 2004 for the DVD release of Happy Lesson: Mama-Palooza, the second volume of the light-hearted, laugh-out-loud anime series that follows the beloved shonen tradition of Oh My Goddess! and Love Hina. Happy Lesson tells of Chitose, a teenager who suddenly finds himself surrounded by a bevy of beauties. But these ladies aren’t vying for Chitose’s romantic affection—they all want to be his mother!

The best piece of wisdom anyone ever gave Chitose was that things get a lot worse before they get any better. Unfortunately, in his case things only seem to get worse and worse and WORSE!

This action-packed volume of Happy Lesson brings new dimensions to Chitose’s already vida loca. Uzuki thinks she’s an angel and has fallen for a cute stranger. Minazuki can’t decide which after-school club to join. And the Annual Field Day is on its way and the competition for Best Lunch is about to commence! All of this would be manageable if one of Chitose’s moms wasn’t intent on taking over the world.

It’s just one of those school weeks. And the Second Period bell is about to ring.

Don’t be marked absent from this exciting explosion of laughs and weirdness!

Happy Lesson was produced by KSS (Wedding Peach, Oh My Goddess!) and directed by Akira Suzuki (Blue Submarine #6, MAZE).

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Volume 3

A Impractical Magic, the third volume of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, the runaway hit anime series that fuses thrilling action, slapstick comedy and a bit of family drama with uproariously clever parodies of anime, video games and any other pop culture target that stumbles into its crosshairs.

They’ve begged. They’ve pleaded. Heck, they’ve even threatened bodily injury. But for Sasshi and Arumi, getting back home to the real world ain’t as simple as saying “abracadabra!” So once again, the pair plunges headfirst into strange, new worlds loaded with hyperactive girlfriends, magic, murder, and enough syrupy cuteness to choke the Sugar Plum Fairy!

Will Sasshi find true love before an angry Arumi’s sniper bullet finds its way to his fluttering heart? What really goes on in Eutus’ spellbound bachelor pad? And what is Sasshi trying so desperately to hide from Arumi? Don’t miss a second of the hilarious hocus-pocus in the third outrageous volume of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi!

The series is the latest creation of GAINAX, the mega-talented production studio that revolutionized the anime industry in the nineties with Neon Genesis Evangelion, and in the early 21st century with FLCL. Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi was directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Wings of Honneamise) and co-produced by Madhouse (Vampire Hunter D, Trigun, Ninja Scroll etc.).

Once Upon A Time... 1980s Classic Romeo-And-Juliet Tragedy

For years the citizens of Lunaria have shared their sacred natural resource—water—with the industrious inhabitants of the Shadowlands in exchange for advanced technology. That is, until the Prince of Lunaria decides such high-tech wonders are obsolete, and cuts the water supply. War looms, battle lines are blurred and Veronica, daughter of the Prince, shares forbidden love with Rolland, heir to the Shadowlands. Agents and spies are lurking eager to infiltrate Lunaria and restore water to all the lands. Meanwhile, a conspiracy brews as the manipulative and nefarious Lagado is determined to conquer Lunaria.

But what is the mysterious Tree of Life trying to reveal; and can it steer the people back to the ancient path of happiness and peace and away from destruction?

Once Upon a Time (SRP $14.98) is a DVD release, including English- and Spanish-language versions in 2.0 audio. Includes ADV previews.

Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis

Produced by Takashige Ichise, Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis is a supernatural tale of horror, set in the Tokyo of the early 20th century and depicting a battle to save Tokyo from the malevolent spirit Masakado and the depraved psychic Kato who has called him forth. Of particular note are the title’s creature designs, by the Academy Award-winning artist, sculptor and designer H.R. Giger (Alien, Species).

The Story: In the depths of the Earth, an ancient evil stirs as a madman prepares to offer it the life of an entire city! A grim tale of ambition, supernatural horror and undying evil that surpasses the boundaries of physical existence, Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis tells the story of Masakado, whose malevolent spirit lives on despite his execution a thousand years ago for his crimes against humanity. The presence of this dark soul renders Tokyo a haunted city; when a prophet, a physicist and a businessman unite for the purpose of protecting Tokyo from spiritual invasion, they find their way blocked by rogue psychic Kato. Kato intends to use the young female medium Yukari to revive Masakado, and use Masakado’s evil energy as a weapon to destroy the city. One by one, Kato gathers the strands of fate that will cause the ultimate destruction of Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis!

Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis (SRP $19.98) is a DVD-only release, in Japanese with English subtitles. Includes ADV Previews.

Tokyo Godfather's DVD Release Information

From the press release: From the highly acclaimed anime director Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress) comes the visually and emotionally stunning urban fable about human decency among the down-and-out, TOKYO GODFATHERS. The meticulously drawn, Capra-esque tale of adventure, love and redemption will debut on DVD on April 13, 2004, from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

It’s Christmas Eve in Tokyo. Three homeless people - alcoholic Gin, drag queen Hana, and teenage runaway Miyuki - discover an abandoned baby in a pile of garbage. Rather than turn the infant over to the police, the trio decide instead to find the baby’s parents themselves. Following the only clue they have, a locker key, the three godfathers embark on a surprising journey of danger, humor and excitement. And in the process, they revisit their own haunted pasts and learn to face their future.

Produced by the world-renowned animation studio Mad House (X, Vampire Hunter D, Ninja Scroll), TOKYO GODFATHERS is the third feature-length anime from cutting-edge director Satoshi Kon, two-time winner at the Fanta-Asia Film Festival (Best Asian Film, Perfect Blue, 1997; Best Animation Film, Millennium Actress, 2001) and 2004 Annie nominee for Best Director & Best Writer (Millennium Actress).

TOKYO GODFATHERS will be available as a single disc widescreen DVD for the SLP of $26.96 and includes both an exclusive making-of featurette and a freestanding Satoshi Kon character illustration postcard.

  • • Animax Making of Featurette
  • • Exclusive Satoshi Kon character illustration postcard
  • • 16 x 9 Widescreen Presentation
  • • Theatrical Trailer
  • • Audio: Japanese 5.1
  • • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
  • • Bonus Trailers

Rated PG-13... Color... Running Time: 91 Minutes... Widescreen DVD Catalog #02814... SLP: $26.96

Game News

Initial D Game Hits Domestic Stores

TOKYOPOP and ValuSoft announed that have released the Initial D: Mountain Vengeance game for the PC, which will retail for $19.00.

The game is based on the Initial D street racing anime and manga serie.

From The Magic Box

Konami will release a new PS2 action game called Get Backers: Ura Shinjuku Saikyou Battle in Japan this summer, the genre is a 3D beat'em up action game.

Bandai announced they are working on a new PlayStation 2 called Saint Seiya (tentative name), the game seems to be based on the upcoming anime movie Saint Seiya: Chapter of Heaven ~ Overture, which will be in theaters on February 14 in Japan

There are unconfirmed reports that Atari will release the GameCube version of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 in US in August 2004.

ADV Sponsors Convention

Middle Tennessee Anime Convention has announced that ADV Films has parted with the convention to promote its OnDemand Anime Network.

'Broken Saints' Picked Up By Dark Horse, To Be Made Into Feature Film

Excertped from the press releas: Award-winning online saga "Broken Saints" has caught the attention of the world's leading publisher of licensed comics. Brooke Burgess and the creators of this innovative online anime series have just signed a multi-year deal with Dark Horse Entertainment to develop Broken Saints on multiple fronts - including a live-action feature film.

Dark Horse Entertainment wants Broken Saints to be one of their next studio collaborations, following Revolution Studios supernatural adventure "Hellboy", and New Line's "Son of the Mask". A Dark Horse comic version of Broken Saints will be available by the end of the year, either in monthly release or as a graphic novel collection.

Burgess' Budget Monks Productions - thanks to a grant from Telefilm Canada - will also be producing a DVD collection of the series featuring upgraded art, voice narration and 5.1 Surround. Future incarnations include high-end collectibles and the design and early demo for a next-generation videogame console title.

Kenshin Manga a Best Seller

Viz has announced that Rurouni Kenshin volume 3 hit the top position on BookScan’s list of best selling graphic novels for two weeks running.Since its release on January 24, 2004, Rurouni Kenshin, written by Nobuhiro Watsuki, has sold over 8,500 copies, outselling every other comic and graphic novel in the past two weeks.

Nielsen BookScan, the international sales data monitoring and analysis service for the English-language book industry, also listed VIZ’s graphic novel, Rurouni Kenshin, on its Overall Adult Fiction Top 100 list.

Jem and The Holograms on DVD

In non-anime news, Rhino will be collecting 80's animated show Jem and The Holograms on DVD. The 645 minute collection feature the complete first and second second and retail for $59.95.

Features include interviews with Samantha Newark, the speaking voice of Jem and writer/creator Christy Marx, commentary on 4 episodes by writer/creator Christy Marx and excerpts from the Jem Bible.

Voice Actor Tony Pope Passes Away

Anime News Network reports voice actor Tony Pope died on February 11th due to complication during leg surgery. In addition to a significant number of anime voices, Tony's voice acting career also spanned numerous Hollywood titles including The Transformers, Teddy Ruxpin and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Macross Legal Battle Update

Anime News Network reports the Japan’s Presiding Supreme Court Judge, Hiroshi Fukuda has Studio Nue's appeal, affirming the ruling that Tatsunoko Pro owns the copyright for Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. Having been dismissed by the Supreme Court, this case can not be appealed any further and the ruling is final.

In a separate court case, currently under appeal at the Supreme Court, the Tokyo High Court ruled that Studio Nue owns the character designs related to Super Dimensional Fortress Macross.

Atomic Betty to Debut on Cartoon Network

Joy Tashjian Marketing and Breakthrough Animation Inc have announced that Atomic Betty will be broadcast on Cartoon Network is the US.

The series follows the adventures of Betty, a little girl who is secretly "Atomic Betty, Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos."

Atomic Betty represents the first major original production for Breakthrough Animation Inc., which was formed in spring 2003 by television industry executives Kevin Gillis, Ira Levy and Peter Williamson.

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