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Robert Rodriguez wades into Frank Miller's SIN CITY!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... well it has finally been announced... Robert Rodriguez's next project is... SIN CITY - yup, Frank Miller's SIN CITY - as in that comic that would never be sold by Miller - it has been done. I'm not currently at liberty to discuss who all has been cast in the film, as... well they're all in negotiations, but I will tell you this... if you think the cast for BATMAN: INTIMIDATION is cool - you ain't seen nothing yet. In VARIETY - they mention that Robert has already shot the film's opening with Josh Hartnett and Marley Shelton. But, I promise - Josh isn't playing Marv.... It is killing me to not say - but hopefully all the deals will get more complete soon. Let me tell ya how Robert got Frank to do this though...

Turns out - this has been a project that Robert has been secretly developing for years now without the rights. After finally getting the script where he wanted it - he called up Frank Miller and essentially got him down to Austin to watch the shooting of the opening 9-10 minutes of SIN CITY. Robert told him, if after these few days you don't want me to do the movie, fine, you'll have a really cool short film to show your friends. Apparently there is something amazing about the look of what Robert is doing with the film that he has told me, he can't describe - only that he'll show me sometime soon, but whatever it was - Frank fell in love. Robert also took the completed - all effects finished openin 9-10 minutes to L.A. with him to show each of the "dream cast members" that he hoped to nab for the film. It looks like he'll get them all, but for now - you'll have to guess - cuz it is too early to say for certain who is in. The film is apparently weaving multiple storylines together, not unlike PULP FICTION, but using 'I Believe' - SIN CITY, THAT YELLOW BASTARD and THE BIG FAT KILL as a basis & I think BOOZE, BROADS & BULLETS too. Robert told Variety that Miller would be his co-director on the film. Telling Fleming that, "I decided I didn't want to adapt Frank's book, but rather translate it to the screen with the same visual flourishes that Frank used so well."

Seems Robert has all sorts of suprises up his sleeves this day, it'll be interesting to see if anything else is coming soon from Troublemaker Studios!

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