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Sometimes, The Good Guys Win!!! RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK shot for shot filmmakers' life to be MOVIE!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with news that just completely warms the heart. You see... Ever since Butt-Numb-A-Thon 4, there's been a film that I've held dear to my heart... the RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK shot-for-shot film made by a group of Mississippi youths with their Video Camera and shot from Junior High - through High School. Many of you probably remember the review that I wrote about it back last year. Well, their story has gotten even better.

If you remember, the Alamo Drafthouse hosted the screening that brought the 3 best friends back together since they were kids. It sold out every screening they had. People drove from other states to see it, when I wrote my review - for about a month and a half, I spent nearly every single spare moment of my life helping these 3 field press requests, producer inquiries and possible film deals... while also helping them talk to agents about representation. FINALLY they landed the ideal sort of press piece that could make it all come together, with a zillion page article in the current HOLLYWOOD issue of VANITY FAIR. The article is fantastic. Absolutely great! Today - I was interviewed for THE TODAY SHOW regarding these guys and this film (for broadcast on Friday) and helped THE TODAY SHOW track down the elusive (Olsen Twin Stalking) Eli Roth to contribute to the piece about how this film which began shooting over 20 years ago has changed the lives of Chris Stompolos, Eric Zala and Jayson Lamb. 3 childhood friends that dreamed about the movies, shot their own, tried to break into film by going to film schools, art schools and countless auditions - only to each realize there's a point where you have to be practical... stop chasing that dream and get real jobs... WELL, now that creation of love, made with extraordinary skill -- and even moreso - that fantastic story of how they made it, the stories and hijinks about setting each other on fire, diving through windshields, being drug under a pick-up with no engine and no breaks that was pushed upto 30 miles per hour with NO SAFETY GEAR and NO ADULTS supervising... well... the story is a classic in the making.

Well, Scott Rudin (Producer of SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER, ADDAMS FAMILY, SCHOOL OF ROCK, WONDER BOYS and SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER AND UNCUT) has purchased the life rights to their story for reportedly mid-Six Figures. I'm So Incredibly Happy For These Guys!!! This ultimately has a chance to be turned into an absolutely classic movie about the "Film Geek Generation" Those of us that grew up beneath the light of Spielberg and Lucas - before the cynicism arose, but that pure gosh gee whiz spirit was alive in all of us, well this story has an amazing potential. If you don't believe me, pick up that VANITY FAIR article in the current issue - or read my original story and review of it... I'm sure many of you remember.

Sorry - while typing this up I got so excited, so jazzed that I spent about an hour searching for Chris Strompolos' phone number so I could give him a ring to congratulate him and tonight at Chris' secret location - Chris, Eric and Jayson were toasting glasses and sharing a meal as friends on the grand adventure of their lives, reunited by a passion. Jayson is continuing to work his way through the hundreds of hours of behind the scenes footage crafting a documentary type of thing. Their story has taken a lot of crazy turns, but the guys didn't know the Variety piece was out yet, till I called and sent them the story. Just hearing the excitement in their voices... GUYS - GALS -- I hope all of you get to smile as big as they were and teem with this sort of excitement some day... it's such a rare treat. As I said in the title... sometimes the good guys win!

P.S. - Scott Rudin's deal is with PARAMOUNT - so that's the studio that this will be made by. To answer the Talkback query about legality.

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