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Quint tells you about BUBBA-HOTEP DVD Release!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some great news for all you primitive screwheads and perverts with a penchant for buggering dried up corpses... BUBBA HO-TEP is coming to DVD on May 25th. MGM is putting out the disc in the US. Don't know if there's any video/DVD distribution set up out of the US just yet, but one step at a time!  

This ends a very, very long time period for me. Some of you long time readers may remember my set reports, the very first word out on the film. You can read the two I managed to pop out here and here. The pictures originally posted with the reports seem to be missing, but the words are still there.  

I wrote those in June and July of 2001, having visited the set in April of that year. I ended up spending two weeks on set (half of principle photography) as an observer and sometimes crew member (I ended up shooting some of the behind the scenes video that'll hopefully be on the DVD). I followed the film through post, attending Bruce's ADR (additional dialogue recording) and was one of the first people in the world to view the film. I then attended the premiere at CineVegas and interviewed the trinity (Bruce, Don and Joe R. Lansdale). A couple weeks ago I visited Don as he was making an HD master of the film for DVD and foreign TV.  

It's been a project that I've loved since I first heard the idea... An aging Elvis, still alive but languishing in an old age home in Butt Fuck, Texas has to team up with an elderly black man who thinks he's JFK (and might well be) to fight a Mummy that sucks the souls of the elderly out of their assholes. With Man-God Bruce Campbell in the lead, Real Man-God Ossie Davis as JFK and the talent of Don behind the camera, this was a no miss film for me. They didn't disappoint.  

Thankfully the project got a limited theatrical distribution and many of you fine folks got to see this film for yourselves where it was meant to be seen: The Big Screen. Now all the current fans and all the future fans will be given a really cool DVD.  

I'm told there will be commentaries, including one with Bruce as the "real" Elvis watching the film and commenting as it unfolds. I'm sure Don will have a commentary, as well, but I do know for a fact that the DVD will include excerpts from Joe R. Lansdale's original short story "Bubba Ho-Tep" read by the author himself. If you've never had the pleasure of meeting Joe, let me assure you you'll get a kick from his readings. His thick Texas accent reading about cancerous penis sores is something to be treasured.  

Lots of other goodies are going to be on the disc (or discs), but the above is what I know as of now. I'll keep you up to date on this one, folks. Mark the calendars! May 25th Elvis kicks some ass on DVD!  


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