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So typical of Hollywood. Beautiful woman like Selma Blair is forced to get a boob job. What A DIRTY SHAME!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I had a chance to meet and hang out for a long time with Selma Blair on the set of HELLBOY and she was a complete doll. A waif beauty - PERFECT to play Lois Lane. PERFECT. But along comes some sleazy Baltimore filmmaker by the name of John Waters and he forces her to get a slight boob job cuz she didn't meet his grotesque Hollywoodized vision of beauty. Oh no, he forced her to get slightly larger tits so all you breast flesh worshippers would have something to dream about... maybe it was to secure a positive Ebert review? I'm not sure, but... hehehehe... Oh shit, I can't keep that up. I'm not sure who did these boobs for A DIRTY SHAME, the next John Waters movie, but they're amazing. And if they've done as good a job with Tracy Ullman's vaginal hold on a 1 liter bottle of water while she does the hokey pokey in an old folks home... and then apparently he's got trees with penises in them... Why... this sounds like cult movie heaven! We had a review of John Waters' A DIRTY SHAME a week ago. (CLICK) and it sounded absolutely hilarious! Perfect THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST double-feature material! The following pic came out of the current issue of Vanity Fair - where... btw, you can read more about that RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK re-make that those kids did that I reviewed a while back! Well, here's Selma!!!

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