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McG thinks Knowles should play Lois Lane!

Hey folks, Harry here... I've always been very kind to McG on this site. I love the CHARLIE'S ANGELS movies. I think they are fetishistic wetdream escapisms based upon cotton candy confections from the big hair days of the 70's television world. However, McG is wanting to cast Beyonce Knowles for Lois Lane and that's fucked up. Fucked up in the same stupid ways that people have been trying to fuck up the SUPERMAN film ever since this site got started.

We've had folks that wanted have Superman not wear the cape or his costume, that wanted him in black leather. We've had polar bear guards at the fortress of solitude. Giant mechanical spiders. We've had Nicholas Cage. Chris Rock as Jimmy Olsen. We had Superman not being able to fly, but teleport. We've had Kryptonian Lex Luthor. And now Beyonce Knowles being considered for Lois Lane.

There are many great actresses that fit the role. Folks whose claim to fame isn't Pop Diva Pepsi Commercials and annoying songs. Actresses that can sell the moments that need to be sold. Actresses that could make us believe that Lois was the foremost Hard News Reporter in the world. Actresses that are actresses. All you have to do is look at the talk back below and you'll see in the next hour or two dozens of suggestions for Talented, Beautiful, Experienced Actresses for the part. My sources tell me that McG is the main source for this casting point. I've heard that several other folks working on the project disagree wildly with McG about the issue, but... well he's the boss. That's why it has resurfaced again. Gotta just love stunt casting, eh?

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