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Scarlett to beam bright in DePalma's THE BLACK DAHLIA!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Well, some wonderful news for all us Scarlett Johansson fans... She's just signed aboard to do THE BLACK DAHLIA with Brian DePalma with Josh Hartnett and Mark Wahlberg. It's based on:

If you've never read Ellroy's novel, you're missing out... and if you know nothing about the Elizabeth Short case that shocked just about everyone everywhere... Well This Website Can Help and if after that you're still curious about this horrible crime, check out: Severed: The True Story of the Black Dahlia Murder, it is pretty damned detailed. Of course Ellroy's novel is a fictional accounting of events surrounding the case... and we'll fall 5 times harder for Scarlett than we ever have before. This is gonna be great!

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