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Spielberg eyeballing TRIPODS to make'!'!'

Hey folks, Harry here. Well, apparently Steven's eyes have turned to the skies and is looking for an entirely different type of E.T. I did some poking around and there seems to be quite a bit of truth to the following report. THE TRIPODS has been floating around for quite some time. The project is attached to producer Don Murphy and at one point Frank Darabont seemed to be quite serious about the project. But then I haven't heard a terrible lot about the project in... well, years. Hearing about a new Terry Hayes draft is quite exciting. But then, hearing that "Camp Spielberg" was apparently also looking and poking around WAR OF THE WORLDS is fascinating. However, I've also heard a rumor about an original "Alien Invasion" script that might be getting some heat as well over at Sony. Is Steven looking at that too? If you don't know John Christopher's TRIPODS TRILOGY and you love cool science fiction books, click on that or below and edumacate yourselves!

Disney just got in a new draft of the movie THE TRIPODS by Terry MAD MAX Hayes. It is the first of a planned trilogy of films about the survivors on earth after an alien invasion and the team of young kids who start a revolution. Very Joseph Campbell, very epic, very cool. I think you may have covered it on the site before. So the people involved at Disney were talking about PJ Hogan and Frank Darabont (both cool choices) to go and make the thing when I learned that Steve Spielberg of all people is now seriously thinking about making this his next film. Apparently WAR OF THE WORLDS at Paramount is just a mess and he really sparked to the RED DAWN/ALIENS aspect of the material. Don't know where that leaves Indy 4 but thought you should hear it first.


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