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Murphy joins Bishop in ALIEN VS PREDATOR

Hey folks, Harry here... Now see, this is really cool. The sort of thing that gets me excited. Seeing these two together working in this movie would normally be the sort of thing that'd get me foaming at the mouth. Then there's that Paul W.S. Anderson thing. I remember when they announced Kurt Russell in SOLDIER, and I went absolutely nutsoid crazy, as he was genetically designed for the part... and Anderson fucked that up beyond all recognition. He could ruin a prom queen fuck.

Greetings Harry and gang,      

Last month I was fortunate enough to exchange e-mails with one of the press invitees (For his sake, I will not name him outright) who took part in the Prague AVP set visits, and he dropped MAJOR hints that a certain "Detroit Cyborg" would be involved in the upcoming movie. To keep a long story short, after a lengthy discussion and a whole lot of begging, I finally managed to squeeze some interesting details out of him. While this would come as quite a major spoiler, this is hands down the best news I've heard yet coming from a motion picture with Paul Anderson's name attached to it.      

Peter Weller (RoboCop) will be making a brief appearance as billionaire industrialist "John Yutani" opposite Lance Henriksen "Charles Weyland," CO-owners of the greedy corporation in the Alien universe palpably named Weyland-Yutani. Weller (Yutani), who plays Weyland's darker half, will be the person who influences Henriksen's "Weyland" character to take part in the latest archeological dig in a strategic move to gain full control of the company. While not knowing of the imminent danger his associate is yet to encounter, Yutani knows of Weyland's ailing heart condition and means to benefit from his partner's untimely demise by sending along a company assassin. What bothers me some is the similarity from both the first RoboCop and Alien movie dealing with the rather cliche corruption bit, but this is merely supposed to be a precursor. Here's to hoping Anderson doesn't park this flick in the rehash zone for too long.      

On the other hand, I personally I feel this is a great pairing, being that both actors are more regarded for their roles as Cyborgs/Androids in two science fiction blockbusters of the 80's. Call me Pumpkin Head.

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