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The latest ridiculous shot of Halle Berry in CATWOMAN!

Hey folks, Harry here... Every now and again there's a trainwreck forecast by Hollywood. This is one of those. CATWOMAN in name, but with no established commonality between the character it was based upon and the film. A costume that... well, would be ridiculous and seemingly low-rent in the most ridiculous of alleged plot-filled porns. As much as the geek world despises the Joel Schumacher BATMAN films... even he never put out images as tastelessly depraved and repugnant.

I want to like the film because I'd like to see Pitof do well, to not see the medium of comic book films return to the pit of hell it was when I started this site and lastly... Halle Berry has the potential to be an amazing actress. I loved her work in MONSTER'S BALL and in X2 - her scenes with Nightcrawler were amongst my faves... But this kitty cleavage shot... it could only be more ridiculous had their been a bowl of milk on the floor that she was licking from. Here ya go...

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