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Matt Damon to play Logan 5 in remake of LOGAN'S RUN'

Hey folks, Harry here... I love the original Logan's Run, specifically I love that DVD and the commentaries. I remember back in the seventies, going to conventions and seeing folks actually dressed up in the "Sandman" outfits... and hell, I still have my palm crystals... But then, if you love LOGAN'S RUN, then your crystal is probably black and you've been running for a long time. In all seriousness though... As much as I love the film, the book is just far superior. Nolan & Johnson's LOGAN'S RUN novel is much harsher. First, the film let's ya live till 30, the novel puts ya down at 21. The film has Logan forced to investigate Sanctuary, by having his crystal identify him as a runner... the book has him coming to the point of 'retirement' and wanting more life. Both are wonderful, and a new LOGAN'S RUN film is actually something I'd look forward to. One, Matt Damon is perfect for that character if he gets cast, and the rumor I've heard is that Bryan Singer is the one wanting to direct. Dying to get a glimpse of this script.

Just flicking through one of the recent issues of the Monitor [our newspaper] on the way home on the subway...and read this!

Matt Damon is interested in film that would have him playing a cop of the future who must track down anyone who breaks the law of living past 30. it is a reworking of a 1976 film called "Logans Run".

say it aint so?? first he snags Eva Mendes, then remake rights to one of the great sci-film films? im not sure if you've mentioned this before or not, so ill send it on...

codename rights are all yours...


Also in the realm of Matt Damon, LatinoReview posted up some pics from BOURNE SUPREMACY for the world to look at, so... enjoy...

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