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Disney Animators Form Their Own Traditional 2D Animation Studio!

Hey folks, Harry here... With Roy Disney revolting against Eisner with Stanley Gold... Here we have more "discards" of the once great Disney Empire... A collection of Animators that were put out on their ear when Disney closed up its entire Florida Animation Studios last year. See, this is just great. What this news could mean, what we could get, I HOPE... You see, the Florida Animators are who brought us LILO & STITCH... it was their concept, which because the execs were trapped in major political hells at that time, they kinda left alone. Much like what happened to Brad Bird at Warners on IRON GIANT. ANYWAY - those animators are now setting out to prove that classic Disney Style animation is not unworthy of being produced. That classic Disney Style animation has a place in the hearts of cinema-goers the world over and without the Micro-managing of "The Suits", they have a chance so long as they let loose with their imaginations and create great stories. Personally, I wish them the best!

I thought you might find this interesting.  

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Ex Disney Animators Form Own Studio in Florida  

A number of animators fired by Disney when it closed its Florida animation studios last year have formed their own company, Legacy Animation Studios, and announced Thursday that they plan to set up shop in Winter Garden, Florida later this month. "We believe that traditionally animated films are still a viable form of entertainment," Legacy's directing manager, Eddie Pittman, said in a statement. "Our goal is to create quality animated films with compelling stories and strong characters and to continue Walt Disney's legacy of hand drawn animation."  

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