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Lotsa spilt milk over CATWOMAN.... WB trying to clean it up...

Hey folks, Harry here... Well, I've been hearing a lot of bad rumors coming out from around the CATWOMAN project over at Warner Brothers quite a bit. To me, the only curiousity I have for this film is to see what Pitof has done with it, cuz I really love the feel of VIDOCQ, but at the same time... this should be a completely different stylistic universe from that. Rumors like this often come up with movies with Foriegn directors working with their non-native crews. Many locals in Austin hated working with Marcus Nispel and trouble was always lurking about that set from their mouths. The same was true of Jean Jeunet's ALIEN RESURRECTION set, of course that film did end up not working, but I remember the word from the set of ROBOCOP when Verhoeven was shooting and the crew that I talked with said it was literally going to be the worst movie ever made. THAT BEING SAID, that first costume did suck the growing testicle hairs from a corpse... and this having no relation with the established character... well that blows all sorts of chunks. Here's the alleged behind the scenes on the project at the moment, let's see where this all goes...

Got some pretty scary news regarding the surprisingly "troubled" Catwoman project,I say surprisingly because everyone involved seemed to think that this was the correct direction for the project to go, That was until they realized it sucks. It seems from what I'm hearing even long term producer Denise De Novi is having second thoughts on everything from the script to director. Evidently the bad blood started about 4 weeks ago in Vancouver, Arguments were being made over the reaction the film has gotten so far from the Internet and other bad press, the initial Catwoman costume picture had a lot to do with this. The critical lambasting worried Warner a lot, So much they started to fear that this film could hurt the upcoming Batman film if it had bad word of mouth at this early in the game (Before people had even seen it) Will people still flock to the theaters to see Batman if Catwoman bitters their taste?

After all Batman Returns isn't that old of a film, People still know that they are supposed to be connected (No matter what this new film says ). Quick changes were ORDERED (not asked) to the script and costume to try and fix or change the film to resemble something more in line with the what people may expect.  Slowly and quietly the new (Simpler and more biker chickish) costume was reveled through internet "Leaked" photos and Patience Price suddenly became Patience Philips. Rumor has it that this Catwoman will also find out that Selina Kyle is her mother, Who has died. ( A reference to a much earlier draft of the script. ) The reason for these changes? From what I gather it boils down to a few things, Bad press from the netfans, Yes Believe it or not the WB has started to care about what Internet fans think. Hence Christian Bale getting cast, trust me, Batfans had a        Lot to do with that.

The horrible reaction to the first PIC of Hallie Berry as Catwoman. And in fact Berry's own comments on a late night talk show mentioning something about "9 Catwomen all together since the comic first started until now, Including all the actors who portrayed her. UGH"


That's what I'm hearing, PITOF was forced by WB and De Novi to make the changes to the film. He wanted this film to not resemble the comics at all, He was going for his artistic merit I guess. Pitof gave in, But not after things got very heated between him, De Novi and a Studio Exc.

The next blow to this film came in the form of dailies. Some of the footage from Vancouver didn't seem to impress some of the suits, to be fair some thought it was good. Some are saying the boss' were just giving Pitof a hard time because of his attitude about the ordered changes.

Nothing is very clear.

What stands now is a strange situation and Pifof may have the troubled Exorcist prequel  to thank for him keeping his job. At least fo! r the time being.  Just a quick recap of that project, The Exorcist: The Beginning has been in the works for a few years, John Frankenhimer was supposed to direct but stepped out shortly before his death. Shortly after Paul Schrade was hired to direct and changed the cast and script around and delivered the film to WB, For some reason they hated it. Rumors about Schrade making it completely his film and not what the studio wanted.

Now, The film has been taken away from Schrade and Director Renny Harlin has been hired to film new scenes to "enhance' the film. This has proven a costly and negative look on a film that is in some people's opinion unesscerary.  Now can you see the simerlarties to the Catwoman project? Why the sudden flow of information from WB?

Notice the massive amounts of photos on the net (Showing just how great the production is going, How cool does the new suit look) They are trying to keep what happened to the Exorcist from happening to Catwoman. The pre-release bad word of mouth on the Exorcist has already started, they are hoping for the best for Catwoman. The reason why PITOF hasn't been fired is because they don't want to be known as the Troubled project studio who takes away every concept film from artistic directors.

Basically the way things look are as such, Since Principle photography is near completion WB has decided to let PITOF Finnish Catwoman without any further changes. Now after that PITOF is supposed to have a visual presentation featuring early edited footage for Wb, They will then make their decision on whether they care for his "Vision" or not. I've also been hearing that WB has hired some writers to start working on a plan to make the script feel more like the comic-book version of Catwoman by adding new/alterante scenes if needed by a new director if the WB decides to go the Exorcist route. Haven't heard any names for a possible replacement, because it's far to early to see if that is ev! en needed but these rewrites will certainly help the film if PITOF is axed,

Also been hearing that Berry has been contacted about leaving a few weeks in the spring open for reshoots if needed. This film may be pushed back for a year if PITOF doesn't impress the suits. The WB is worried about this project because 1. It's their first comic book film since 1997's Batman & Robin and Steel and 2. Catwoman is a character in the Batman Universe, It's taken 7 years to get a Batman film going that will please fans, They don't want to ruin that by releasing Catwoman a year before Nolan's film and pissing everyone off. I've also heard WB may push the reshoots and release the film after Nolan's Batman film.

That is all I have for now

Thank You.


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