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Re: StandBy Seats @ BNAT 5 -- Latest Updates!

Hello folks, Harry here... It seems that I've been working on BNAT 5 forever now. The plans are all nearly locked. The timing, the breaks, the introductions... The allowed "semantics," the political placements, the travel arrangements, the yearbooks, the t-shirts, the tubes to insert posters, the bags to insert goodies, the goodies to insert, the posters to roll... THEN there's the pre-BNAT bashes, the dignitaries from far off Minnesota and their pagan orgiastic requests. Begging desperate seating requests... oh yes, the seating chart, the trailer reels, the break programming, the breakfast planning, the security issues, the last minute print tracking... Oh and then I have to run the site nearly solo due to Moriarty's recent time at various brothels and numerous domiciles of cool-repute... well, there doesn't ever seem like there's enough hours in the day to plan what is essentially... just my Birthday Party.

At the same time... it really is the most wonderful giddy little secret thing ever. The veil of mystery that hangs about it all... watching Talkback speculation, the various chatroom conversations... the sub-cult websites that lay odds of films that could play... GOD, what I'd give for an active betting line - I'd so clean up!

Then... there's the last minute cancelations. The poor folks that for one reason or another... just won't be able to make it to BNAT 5... poor miserable souls that know not the depths of their misery... till next Monday, when suddenly the long black void grows impossibly deep and wide... unable to be filled with anything beyond the bitterness of tears. BUT - as with all things, tragedy has an upside... Loss has its gains... Misery its joy. For their loss is the possiblity of your gain. STAND BY TICKETS...

There will be a very limited (under 9 it looks like, could be more or less, but that sounds about right) amount of STAND BY TICKETS. Now, here's the thing... I don't want folks camping out for these standby tickets, so what I'm going to say is this... The STAND BY LINE is allowed to form at exactly 10am this Saturday morning. Why force a start time? Simple - You will be no good to anyone if you've been camping out in front of the Drafthouse all night or a couple of days before BNAT... For one, that means you won't be clean or properly rested. I plan on getting there slightly before 10am --- anyone standing in the "Standby Line" zone will be voided at that time. I'll have a Paint Gun with me, I will shoot you with a bright paint dart which will mean... YOU AIN'T GOING TO BNAT, so just know... that 10am is when you're allowed to line up, before then... You'll carry the mark of disappointment.

Father Geek just suggested the following, and I agree... The STAND BY Ticket holders will not be chosen in "order of the line" but by random interrogation. HOWEVER - if you arrive with somebody - and there are two seats to be filled - you and your guest gets in... However, if there is one seat to be filled and you are chosen, it is your fate to deal with your friend. However, if there is only 1 seat left and there's someone that is a single - they'll be chosen over "a pair".

BTW - the goody bags this year... they're going to be the best ever. I promise!

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