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Michael Jai White says SPAWN 2 finally on track'!'!

Hey folks, Harry here... While in China last year, I had the pleasure of Michael Jai White's blood splash upon my shoes and shirt during his fight with Grasshopper San... and in person Michael can seem quite the imposing figure, until you start talking martial arts with him... Then you see a transformation of calm come over him... especially when talking about his children and whether or not they'd get training. That aside... watching Michael do full roundhouse kicks is pretty fucking cool, cuz when he and David were fighting, David kept asking Michael to go faster... and there'd be this enormous flying treetrunk of Michael coming about a half inch above his head... and I just couldn't get the idea out of my skull that if he connected... David's head would be embedded in the wall of the Beijeng Studio for all time. In a Spawn sequel, I hope they make the costume easier for Michael to move in, because his own natural physicality should definitely be utilized. He can kick ass if given half a chance. Here ya go...


I see you haven't had any reports yet from the super boston megafest at the sheraton.

Not much to be said, mainly just a lot of has-been stars and autograph hunters [I bought a batman sleeve for adam west to sign].

Anyway, some "Spawn 2" gossip did come out of it. Michael Jai White says he's going to be doing the sequel next year and that they've finally got a script they are all happy with. Its going to be a very dark, batman-like sequel, one that will please comic fans he says. martin sheen isnt in it this time, but the villain might be a guy called brimstone he said, and said sly stallone was the man for the job last he heard.

on a side note, i got to see Traci Lords live, close and in the flesh! WOWIE!

'darkwing duck'

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