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EURO TRIP flashing pic!

Hey folks, Harry here with... well a picture of a babe pulling her shirt up to expose her tits safely within their bra!!!! How wonderously chaste, yet titillating at the same time, eh? I thought so. The actress is apparently someone that was on that Buffy show, but I've never seen that show, so I really don't know who she is. HOWEVER, EURO TRIP is apparently from the makers of ROAD TRIP and OLD SCHOOL... Now... I find this vaguely odd, because.. well the directors/writers of this had nothing to do with either of those films... nor did the cast. Although the Executive Producers did... so I guess that's where that comes from.

Actually, the Directors is an interesting issue on this film. With David Mandel, Jeff Schaffer and Alec Berg all sharing the writing and directing credits for this film... well, that not usually something you see in live-action feature film work. But this Seinfeld alumni seems to be doing it all together... and apparently it'll have a certain amount of raunchy Euro-humor to it all... But will it be as funny as EUROPEAN VACATION? I'm not so sure. That ruled. This is still up in the air. Here's the pic and if you click on it, you'll get the site...

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