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Flixtour Program 'B' Review

Saw Program 'B' of FLIXTOUR last night. Had a damn good time with it too.

What the hell is a Program B of a Flixtour? Good question. Actually from what I understand of Flixtour, they pick films that they take around the country to college campuses showing the large tykes, good independent films that for whatever reason haven't acquired a distributor. So this is how they get seen, through Flixtour.

How did I see it? Well, the man in charge of the big ol P.T.Barnum exercise is a fella with an ambitious ambition. Giving small flicks to folks like you and me. He arranged that I get a screening of this thing he has going here. I was told that the actual filmmakers will be going on tour with the films, giving talks and inspirational speeches about the wonderful world of indy film.

Here's what was on the bill for the night:

The first thing to break a hole in the darkness was an animated short called LILY & JIM. It's about these two SCARY looking animated circle headed big eyed shy blind date people. It feels a bit like HE SAID SHE SAID, but funny and short. There is a bit about coffee that will make you smile. Made me feel good, even though it's one hell of a bittersweet pill to swallow.

Next came a live action short called ANNA IN THE SKY. This is plain fun. I'm not even going to spoil this one for you. But it is neurotic, fucked up and funny as hell. I liked it.

Then came the feature. Man is this Matinee at the Bijou? Where's my News Reel? Dagdummit!!

The feature is called USE YOUR HEAD. If you are at all a Fabulous Furry Freak Brother fan, or Forty Year Old Hippie or a Cheech & Chong fan, then you must find a screening of this film. I'm not a pot smoker, but I was raised with Underground comics and love the humor. Oooooh, I know it's not politically righteous, but do I look Like I give a damn? Nope.

The film is about a group of Pharmaco volunteer types that are testing different grades of marijuana. They put together different personalities in the same room, they get given different doses, and the talk. Oh boy do they talk. Pretty damn funny.

The dialogue is a pure jewel here. Oh sure it's juvenile as hell, but look who's talking here... it's me... Harry.... the 8 year old with a keyboard. It's not quite Clerks or Dazed & Confused, but it is a very fun talking heads flick. Everyone who I talked to about it, loved it. Which proves it's not just because I'm a screwed up person.

A refreshing change of pace from the regular run of films. If you want to know when this film is coming to your area on the Flixtour run, then click here. There is all the info you would want!

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