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Angel 5.6 FAQ

What’s it called?

“The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco.”

Who’s responsible?

The episode was written and directed by Jeffrey Bell (“The Magic Bullet”).

What did Coax say about this one back on Sept. 15?

… the episode will center around an employee working in the Wolfram & Hart mailroom. He’s a former Mexican wrestler who did in the 1950s what Team Angel does now: ridding us of monsters and other ne’er-do-wells. Seems the wrestler, who went by the name “Number Five,” once defeated a demon known as Tezcatcatl, “The Aztec Warrior,” who murdered Number Five’s four wrestling brothers. Now that the creature has returned 50 years later, Angel needs Number Five’s help.

What does TV Guide say?

On the Mexican Day of the Dead, Angel has a run-in with a Wolfram & Hart employee (Danny Mora) who's connected to an Aztec warrior demon that thrives on the hearts of heroes. Elsewhere, Spike researches the Shansu prophesy, while Angel wrestles with personal issues.

Any surprises in Spike’s reaction to the prophesy?

“When you say, ‘plays a major role in an apocalyptic battle,’” Spike asks Wes, “you mean like, um... heroically closing a hellmouth that was about to destroy the world?”

Does Wes buy into Spike’s theory?

He seems, actually, to discredit it - on account of Spike being all immaterial.

With which personal issues does Angel wrestle?

The word “disconnected” keeps coming up.

Is it true, as rumored, that Number Five has no face?

He seems to have a face, but he never actually removes the mask. He explains that his brothers always wore theirs, day and night, so they could spring into action at a moment’s notice.

The big news?

The big news is there’s not a lot of big news this week. I think the really big news comes next week (when we’re introduced to a face long familiar to Wes and the Watchers Council).

What’s good?

The episode definitely has some goofy charm. I especially enjoyed the flashback with Number Five’s brothers, when a phone call summons them to an encounter at once supernatural and technological.

What’s not so good?

Those Green Hornet-y flashbacks with the brothers definitely constituted the show’s highlight; one wishes they’d gone a bit further with them. Also, it’s not what I’d call a pivotal installment. (That is, I wouldn’t be surprised if footage from this show never appeared in a future “Previously on ‘Angel’” clip prologue. Except, perhaps, for that final shot.)

How does it end, spoiler-boy?

"Shansu Prophecy, English Translation."

Herc’s rating for “Angel” 5.6?


The Hercules T. Strong Rating System:

***** better than we deserve

**** better than most motion pictures

*** actually worth your valuable time

** as horrible as most stuff on TV

* makes you quietly pray for bulletins

9 p.m. Wednesday. The WB.

Swing the crebbil!

I am – Hercules!!

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