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Latest casting on Christopher Nolan's BATMAN flick - new Alfred and a mysterious Dr character...

Hey folks, Harry here... Again from a very very very very reliable source comes the latest on Christopher Nolan's Batman flick... Officially it looks like Warners isn't looking announce anything till the first of the year, when they want to do a big grandiose casting announcement, but... well, impatient geeks must be served. Here's the latest, which is very reliable!

Just got a scoop from a source within the Batcave...the producers are looking at a few high level actors for a few of the supporting roles. It looks like they are focused on Morgan Freeman for a "Dr./Scientist" role. What this role is, I don't know for sure...but it's possibly one of the main villian roles. And get this.....they are considering Anthony Hopkins for "Alfred". Looks like they are cleaning house and not letting anyone (ie: Michael Gough) from the past 2 crapfests near this baby...This much is certain from my source...this is a fresh start for the Caped Crusader!

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