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Mike Tyson wants to play BA Baracas in new A-TEAM!

Hey folks, Harry here... I haven't a clue where whichever newspaper is claiming to get their info from is claiming it, and I'm sure I'll hear from around a million British folks to clarify very soon... but... Mike Tyson and his high pitched Michael Jackson voice can't be anywhere near BA Baracus and the legend of Mr. T. Hell, today... I bet you Mr. T would kick 7 levels of Hell out Iron Mike's ass and 2 more out of his fool head. Ain't a man born today, yesterday, or any other time of any history ever that can take the place of Mr. T and I pitty the fool that tries!

Hi Harry!  

Just read the local Newspaper on my way to work in rainyLondonwhere my eyes fell on a small article about the forthcoming A-Team movie. The story goes that Mike Tyson is eager to play BA Baracus but George Clooney really wants Mr. T to reprise his role. Aint nobody messin' with the T, fool!  

Call me Dusty Bootz

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