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ANGEL 5.10 Tidbits!!

I am – Hercules!!

Pages from “Angel” 5.10 - the follow up to the episodes centered around the firm’s Halloween party (5.5), ex-wrestler mailroom clerk Numero Cinco (5.6), Wes’ watcher dad (5.7), the crazed Wolfram employees (5.8), and Harmony Kendall (5.9) - began circulating to the casting agents on Monday. Here’s what little we gather:

* Spike will seem to be following in Angel’s footsteps somehow, re-enacting Angel-ic rescues, including one involving evil vampires we might remember from 1.1.

* With minimal effort, Spike will rescue a cute twentysomething named Lana from another vampire, then mock her stupidity.

* The Blue Fairy from Pinnocchio will somehow appear to Spike and the rest of Team Angel (sans Angel himself), and offer to reward Spike’s good deeds by transforming the gleeful blonde vampire “into a real boy.”

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