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TRANSPORTER 2 is coming!

Hey folks, Harry here... Over at Chud.Com ol Smilin' Jack visited the set of CELLULAR - that Dean Devlin produced flick about Vicki Vale in a trunk with a Cell Phone. Anyway, in the midst of one of the many interviews in his wonderfully long piece, was the following nugget. Now, I love the original flick THE TRANSPORTER and thought that Jason Statham ruled the earth in that flick. The oil slick fight is classic. And he's tailor made for the action guy role. I know most people have been discovering THE TRANSPORTER on home video/DVD and Cable, where it found it's audience... Hopefully, this sucker will really kick a lot of ass. Meanwhile, check out the rest of cheshire pistol popping fella from CHUD!

Hey Harry,

Jason Statham talks about a TRANSPORTER sequel here... Chud.Com... here is an excerpt...

Question: Do you know what's next for you?

Jason: Not right now. We're trying to play something. I'm doing another movie with Luc Besson. I'm doing another Transporter movie and that's late spring. They're writing it now... Corey Yuen's going to direct, yeah. I'm very thrilled about the prospect of what we're going to get up to... Without giving too much away, it's going to be in the U.S. All the mistakes we made in the first one, we're going to iron out and deliver something much bigger in the scale of things and the scope. So yeah, I'm so excited. When we find out where we're going, you have to come to the set! There's been some talk of it being in Florida or somewhere or maybe on the West Coast. We just don't know yet what's going to work in Luc's head. We're not going to make another one in the south of France - it would be silly to do that. We've sort of done it.

Just thought you'd like to know...

I am fabfunk.

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