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Stallone in WESTWORLD instead of Arnie'

Hey folks, Harry here... Westworld remake... Hmmm... see, I never really wanted to see Schwarzenegger in this... To me the genius of the concept was an Adult Themepark that Crichton created. I loved the idea of the two friends going. And to me, this would be a crazy fun project to see Damon and Affleck do... Two dorky best friends, one of them having survived a bad breakup and going on vacation... Trying out this amazing new themepark where all your adult fantasies can be played out... then it all goes bad. One friend dies and you go forward. Putting Stallone in as anything other than the Gunfighter would be a mistake in my opinion. Of course my dream for the best friends would be Jason Lee and Billy Crudup.... or... Brad Pitt and Ed Norton --- Ed gets to fight a robot version of Shatner! FUCKING A!!!! That's my Westworld! Wait.... Quint just had a brain cell fire.... You have Benicio and Johnny do their Dr Gonzo and Hunter characters... Reporting from Westworld... Nothing more pathetic like crazed robots during an ether binge!


firstly, congratulations on your film..can't wait to see it!

Anyway, reason for email. I noticed a little update on the WESTWORLD remake in an article about Schwarzenegger's governor position in the magazine, The Economist. Second time I've heard this.

It says that "..even plans for a remake of Michael Crichton's Westworld, which would have starred Schwarzenegger in the role of an outlaw cyborg programmed to be killed by rich gunslinging vacationers in a futuristic fantasy amusement park, have to be retooled. According to a studio insider, the project may now have fallen on fellow action star Sylvester Stallone's lap. In a recent interview Schwarzenegger sounded enthusiastic about doing the film. "I am very excited to be working on Westworld. I loved the original film when I saw it in 1973 and have wanted to remake it for several years. After following the project for some time, I am really thrilled it has finally come together at Warner Bros." Ironically, the 'thrill' might now lie with Schwarzenegger's main competition at the box office in his hey-day. Might Schwarzenegger have indirectly saved Sly's career?"

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