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Young Rambo' Lil' Rambo' Rambo in Nam... In his prime'

Hey folks, Harry here with the latest from the net's biggest Arnold/Stallone fan of them all... A.B. King. Apparently, according to People Magazine, Sly is saying Balboa is against the ropes, but that Rambo is pushing ahead... and from what Stallone seems to be saying, it looks like at the very least there will be flashback sequences to his 'younger' self... ie, a new actor/young star to play Rambo in his prime. Does this mean we're gonna get Rambo in Nam story? A hardcore action film set in the Jungles, tunnels and villages of Vietnam? Who would play young Rambo? I don't know, personally I'd go with Elijah Wood... I think Elijah would be perfect as a young Rambo. I mean, imagine... getting him all buff and mean... killing silently out of the jungle. Unseen to the eyes of man. I'm kidding... Seriously though... who could play 'young Rambo'?

Harry, this weeks People Magazine had this to report:  

Sylvester Stallone says Rocky VI has been shelved for now, but notes "I think Rambo is going to happen" meaning a fourth installment of the action series. The 57-year old actor says he won't be the only one playing the run and gun hero, but will bring in a new young star to take over. "Youth" says stallone, "must be served."

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