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Wanna see a bunch of pics that have nothing to do with Arthurian legend, but everything to do with KING ARTHUR'

Hey folks, Harry here... Ok... while not entirely as worthy of coagulated anal sangre as Halle Berry's additional... unspeakable CATWOMAN pics, these images are simply... NOT ARTHUR... Not King Arthur... not his lady fair... This looks like some weird cross between Zardoz, Gladiator and Emerald Forest. None of which have anything to do with the Knights of the Round Table... well, except the first and third were done by John Boorman, who made the definitive Arthurian feature film... EXCALIBUR, which will rule for all time and always... and definitely will own this craptacular load of dessicated doggy dung.


Sorry I took so long here. I didn't realize how many pics I got here. Anyways, as promised, here's some pics from King Arthur.  

King Arthur: Pull the link from the stone... gall stone apparently!  

Congrats again on your deal with Revolution  

All the best!  


A Kid in King Arthur's Court

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